You must learn 7 things from your mistakes before you turn 30

 Everybody makes mistakes in life.  And no matter how successful a person is, he or she has also failed at some point in his life. We all know the example of Abraham Lincoln who is famously known for being the 16th President of the United States. He was a champion of equal rights, and he blazed a trail towards the freedom of slaves in America. But Lincoln didn’t start out as a success story. He failed numerous times before attaining the highest office in the land. He lost jobs, was defeated in the elections, and even lost the love of his life. But did he stop trying? No. He continued to strive and created history. So the next time you feel bogged down because of a mistake you made, remember this example. Also, read on to find out 7 lessons you must learn from your mistakes before you turn 30.

Lessons to learn from mistakes

1.Redefine your strategy.

 You tried doing something but the results were not as expected. So what! You must analyze the cause of failure and formulate a new strategy. Plans are not always perfect from the start. Mistakes help you fine tune your approach and yield even better results. Just don’t give up!

2. Learn to take responsibility.

 It is a human tendency to put the blame on other factors than ourselves. But a smart person knows how empowering it is to look for our own role in making the mistake and accepting responsibility. It also helps us to not repeat the mistake.

3. Accept yourself and love yourself.

 Mistakes do not mean that you have to punish yourself. You must learn to love yourself exactly the way you are. Feeling unworthy because you committed a mistake is like believing that sunlight cannot enter through a broken window. It can, and it can illuminate a dark room. So accept your flaws.

4. Learn to face your fear.

You must learn to face your fear head-on. Understand that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So lift yourself up, push harder and never give up!

5. Learn about integrity.

 Mistakes often happen when we break promises, over-commit, agree in order to avoid conflict or don’t listen fully. A small, harmless error can turn into a big mistake at times. Even our smallest choices have power, so it is imperative that we pay attention to the integrity of the choices we make. Mistakes may at times signify that our words and our actions are out of alignment. In that case, we can re-examine our intents, reevaluate our commitments, and alter our actions.

6. Ask for help.

 If you know you are unable to do something entirely on your own, there is no harm in seeking help. Do not make it a matter of pride. Simply ask for help and you will be surprised at how easy your task becomes.

7. Lastly, don’t give up hope.

 There is always scope for improvement, and there is no such thing as a dead end. You should keep on learning, keep evolving and never ever give up because you erred!

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