We all have adopted a king of lifestyle that surely leaves us exhausted at end of the day. The stress be it professional or personal eats up all our physical and mental energy. Even on an unproductive day too we feel to much exhausted to anything creative or recreating activity for ourselves.

Let’s have a look on ways to increase our physical and mental energy:

Source of your stress

It’s of utmost importance to know what the core reason of your stress is. You must be aware of what is actually causing you distress. You must know what is actually exhausting you. Knowing the causes will help you taking right corrective measures to store your mental and physical energies.

Effective and efficient utilisation of your energy

After knowing the root cause of your distress and exhaustion it’s time to be productive. It’s of utmost importance to effectively and efficiently utilise your energy. We generally work for long hours without any break to meet our targets but sadly though we are achieving our goals but sadly we are hampering our health in this process. Take breaks after every strenuous work you do. Your body need refreshment to repair it’s cells in order to healthy.

Reschedule your morning routine

It’s crucial that we control our morning in a healthy manner. Start your day on a positive note. You need not to do anything extraordinary to wonders. You just need to plan and execute your morning schedule efficiently. Do meditation, have a nature walk or indulge into some religious activities as these activities will provide positivity to your mind and body. You will feel more energetic. Thus such positivity will ensure that you spend your rest of the day with full energy.

Reschedule your night routine

After you have taken charge of your morning shift it’s time to end your day gracefully. You have spend all your energy on achieving your target and you are now totally exhausted you should now work on relaxing your body in order to regain all energy you have lost during day time.

Shut down all your technological devices that resist you from taking sound sleep. Fix time for sleeping. Read a light book to refresh your mind and soul. Discard all your negative things out of your mind. Be thankful to god for all the good things happened to you.

Remaining active all time

It’s a just not strenuous physical activity that keeps you active. It’s your inner energy that keep your spirit alive. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Go for recreational activities , picnic enjoy your each day . Indulge in your favorite hobbies. Many people think that you need to have lengthy hours for workout for a healthy regime but that not the case even high intensity interval training quickly fasten your heart rate and blood flow. Such high intensity activities will surely increase your physical and mental energy in very short time period only

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