Tricks to stop being Lazy and Boost Productivity

We often start out our day wanting to do so much- get started on the essay, do the laundry, buy the groceries and whatnot. But somehow the pace of our activities dies down and we feel lazy and fall back into the old routine of Netflix and chill. What went wrong? What happens to our strong will? Why does it go for a toss? Don’t indulge in self-criticism and guilt now. You have to remember: its human being not human doing. With that in mind, here is some productivity advice that will certainly help you get more done, but more importantly, will help you get more done in a healthy, effective and balanced way.

Here are a few tips on how to stop being lazy and boost productivity.

Exercise. The number one thing anyone would suggest for increasing productivity is exercise, and for good reason! Nothing beats this age-old anecdote! Get up and get moving. Even if it is for a few minutes each day.

Create to-do lists. It is such an oldie but a goodie kinda tip! Even a small to-do list of 5-10 items, if completed day in and day out, will put you far ahead of everyone else. The idea of checking off stuff from a list gets most of us going and is thus a great way to be productive!

Keep your mornings for personal activities only. Save time in the mornings before you do email or social media. Write in a journal, have breakfast with your family, take a long shower. Don’t jump immediately into the noise. Have some peace and thoughtful time first. This helps you stay calm and be more focused later on in the day.

You do not have to every text message. Keep texting for friends only. If there are too many ways for people to reach you, the day never ends and you’ll never have time to think. Try to not do any business texting–only email and only phone. And also remember that you don’t have to respond as soon as your phone beeps. If it’s important enough, get on it, else get back to it in your free time.

Make commitments–short, regular deadlines that you have to meet. It will force you to grind and deliver results. This is how you will progress. It will also get you out of your own head. Stop procrastinating. Don’t wait until tomorrow for what can be done today. This is likely to simplify your life much more than you could ever imagine and will also help you be way more productive!

Set timers on your phone during which you reduce all distractions (social media, email, etc) and aim to get as much done as possible in ten, twenty, or thirty-minute increments. This activity is super helpful because it flares up the competitive side of you and helps you to zero in on specific to-do items. It can work especially well for creative endeavors. Plus, the short time periods seem less daunting. You can reward yourself after each productive period by doing the following simple things – such as another cup of coffee, five or ten guilt-free minutes on social media, a stroll over to your favorite co-worker’s desk for a quick chat, etc.

There’s the old Benjamin Franklin line about being a penny wise but a pound foolish. It’s the same thing with time management. Most people get the little things right and the big things wrong–and then wonder why they don’t get much done.

Lastly, keep a good work-life balance. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! So work hard and reward yourself too.

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