Tricks to Improve Your Life In Lockdown

Tricks to Improve Your Life In Lockdow


Book is one of the peaceful thing, though it we can cure every problems and any typical situation but we need time to read books, we have become very busy in our day-to-day life cycle. Now everyone got big chance to explore their knowledge in the time of lockdown. Some people have different thinking towards books, they think book is just a paper, and it is waste of money to buy them but they don’t know book is the ocean of knowledge. It gives a positive attitude towards our aim or dream and it gives some best idea related to your dream

Decide what you want in your life

In these days, you have time to decide what you want in your life, what you want to achieve, how you can achieve your goals. You have to find out your interests either it is a sports, business, medical, etc. It is one of the most important decisions of your life; how you want to spend your life you can also take suggestion with your family member. You don’t come here to only live your life ,we come here to fulfill our dreams and desire

Take task for a day

You should give yourself a task to do in the whole day like you can read 50 pages of book, you can do 100 pushups, you can make food, etc. You have to start by small things to understand improve your lifestyle you should give different tasks yourself everyday though you can became a disciplined person and it give peace to your mind and your time also pass in lockdown situation


Meditation is a way though we can get control our conscious mind over a period of time. In meditation you should remain silent and calm in a period of time. So, by this you are more able to deal with the problems of everyday life. In the situation of lockdown many people start taking panic about their future, how can get rid of this situation, how we will manage everything, etc. That time meditation is the best weapon you can do yoga in early morning, it will make your day very beautiful and delightful with full of positive energy

Stop Comparing

We all are different from each other and we all have different lifestyle, interests, hobby, thinking, knowledge, economical conditions, etc. Some people compare these types of thing with each other and sometimes you may also start comparing yourself with others ‘STOP IT’ you have different capability for any purpose. You should follow your own interest and be concentrated on it led the people speak whatever they wanted to speak.

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