Trekking in Ladakh

If we want to feel heaven on earth, Leh and Ladakh regions are like a heaven with its natural beauty, sights and views. The region is permeated with majestically towering high mountains, breathtaking steep snowy slopes, and vast and limitless expanses of dry and barren deserts, small but spectacular green pastures and exotic and simple everyday life of the local people. Trekking in Ladakh is surely a thrilling experience.

Ladakh is one of the best places to enjoy trekking and other adventure activities. Trekking in Ladakh is gives an opportunity and incredible experience which is unforgettable in lifetime. There are some of best treks in Ladakh, offers an incredible hike through the stunning treasures by nature.

Hemis to Zangla by Junglam

This trek can be alternatively started from three village- The Hemis, The Martsalang, and The Zengchan. The course of the trek enters the famous Markha Valley from Jungglam pass affording at all times wonderful views which keep you mesmerized.  Char char la is the highest point of trek which is situated at the altitude 4,950 m above from sea level. This rek mostly open between months of June and October and it the best time to trek. It is closed in the summer and winter season due to water crossing and heavy snowfall respectively. It takes approximately 9 days to complete. But this trek is quite being difficult to travellers.

Markh Valley Trek

Markh Valley Trek is the one of the most famous trek in Ladakh. It is the places the individuals trekking through its close area to the breathtaking and stunning beauty of the nature. This trek is all about magnificent landscapes, green oasis commonly found in and around and the region and most importantly the Kongmaru La pass, which is a beautiful and scenic place located at an altitude of 5000 m above of the sea level.

At the time of trekking there are number of things which is attract to trekkers, its include monasteries, villages of the Ladakh and most important the incredible mountain range and valleys.

Chadar Trek

In the winter season, Zankar River is covered by thick and solid ice layer. Thus offering an amazing and also a memorable experience to trek on the frozen river is the Chadar frozen river trek. The word Chadar is used to denote the blanket of the ice that covers the entire stretch of the journey, which spread nearly 100 km. This trek taking nearly 15-30 days to complete and it become very hard and harsh conditions for trekkers but it is not matter for those who love the adventure in life and this trek become one of the most memorable expeditions for trekkers. This trek is a like a challenge to hikes.

Stok Kangri Trek

The Stok Kangri Climb is the most fantastic trekking route in the whole Ladakh valley. This is well suited for the expert professional trekkers. The Stok Kangri trek has got the height of 6130 m above the sea level. The climb to the top of the Stok Kangri is really very adventurous also breathtaking. The glaciers and the peaks surrounding the Stok Kangri offer a very mesmerizing view. The trekkers also get to enjoy the views of the K2 the top of the Stok Kangri peak.

Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

The trek has been assigned moderate difficulty level and is one of the best options for those take pleasure in thrilling adventures as well risks of nature. It begins from the famous monastery Lamayuru of Ladakh. In this trek, trekkers reach through the isolated village of Lingshet, Photoksar to enter Zankar.

The final trek destination is Darcha in Himachal Pradesh. Between the routes from monastery to Darch, trekkers got take incredible experience and enjoy trekking. This fun and adventure filled 19 days trek is surely to generate a lot excitement and will be etched in memory for long time.

Phyang to Hunder (Nubra Valley)

The beautiful Nubra Valley, lying towards North of Leh, was the gateway for the famous Silk Route and is naturally one of the most scenic locations. The trek begin from Phyang which is located in west of Ladakh at the distance of 23 km. In this trek, hikes take experience of beautiful views of the majestic Karakoram Range and wonderful vast expenses of stupendous landscape. The stunning trek is the breathtaking ride over the highest motorable road which is the highest motorable road in the world, altitude 5,606 m above the sea level.

These types of thrill adventure we can enjoy in the Ladakh and take incredible experiences. Through trekking we can explore the natural beauty and tradition of Ladakh.

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