Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh

A state where first ray of sun kissed is only Arunachal Pradesh. This land is the largest state of the seven sisters of north east India.


Arunachal Pradesh shares international boundaries with Tibet, China in north, Bhutan in the west and Myanmar in the east and state boundaries with Assam and Nagaland in the south. Arunachal Pradesh stretches on the Northeast frontier of India from of the Himalayas to their peaks.


In 16th century AD, on the Assam ruled by Ahom rulers. They extended their kingdom to the Arunachal Pradesh. The Ahom rulers had a tradition of not interfering in the affairs of the tribes of this region. That policy was continued by British rulers, Government of India after the Ahom rulers till 1962. After 1962 introduced roads, electricity, modern democrative institutions, and cash economy here.

In 1972, Arunachal Pradesh was constituted as a union territory and in 1987, it become the 24th state of the Indian Union.

Fairs & Festivals

Many of the festivals celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh are closely linked to agriculture, the main occupation of the state. Celebrated on a grand scale, these festivals are characterized by prayers that are followed by merry making.Most popular festivals of state are Losar Festivals, Tamladu Festivals, Ziro Festivals of Music, and Sangken Festival.

Tourist Attractions

For the interest of tourist, here a host of sites provides by Arunachal Pradesh. Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh famous for its Ita Fort which is describe the story of Ita Fort, built by King Ramchandra of Mayapur in the 14th century.

Parasuram Kund and the Brahma Kund is the holy river which is attracting to tourist towards here and take a dip in their holy water.

In 17th century here constructed the Tawang Monastery, houses a big library of holy books. Here, some books are written in gold letters.

Apart from historical place, there is also beautiful place for the tourists where one may relax and refresh oneself and the picnic, camp spot in a pollution-free environment.

Best time for Visit

The weather of the Arunachal Pradesh change with the altitude. The southern part of the state has hot and humid sub-tropical climate.

How to Reach

By Air– There are three airports that are connected to Guwahati and Calcutta.

By Road- In Present, there does not have any railway connection. The nearest railway station to Itanagar is North Lakhimpur (60 km) in Assam. For other important places, the nearest railway stations are Silapathar for Along, Tinsukia for Tezu and Margherita for Namdapha.

By Road- Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation and private operators provide intercity and interstate bus connections that are reliable and comfortable.

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