Tourism in Andaman

Andaman Nicobar is an island situated in east of the Indian, float in magnificent isolation in the Bay of Bengal. Once a hill range extending from Myanmar to Indonesia, these picturesque undulating islands, islets numbering around 572, are covered with dense rain-fed, damp and evergreen forests and endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna.


The Andaman & Nicobar Islands have been inhabited for several thousand years, at the very least. Many years ago, the various Andamanese people maintained their separated existence through the vast majority of this time, diversifying into distinct linguistic, cultural and territorial groups. By the 1850s when they first came into sustained contact by outside groups, the indigenous people of Andamans were: the Great Andamanese, who collectively represented at least 10 distinct sub groups and language; the Jarawa: the jungle; the Onge; and the Sentinelese.

Tourist Attractions

There are so many islands for tourist such as Port Blair, Havelock Island, and Neil Island

Port Blair- Port Blair is the capital of Andaman, lies in the south of island. The center of the town is the lively Aberdeen Bazaar. It is the only place to do some sightseeing. The major attraction hare is the Cellular jail, slowly being claimed back again by nature, overgrowing with plants and moss. Port Blair is also an Island town offering water based activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, sea-cruises, and glimpses of the history and culture of the region.

Havelock Island- this island famous for its white sandy beaches, rich coral reefs and lush green forest, which is point out to everyone to enjoy the frolic and fun at the azure sea.

Neil Island- this Island is known as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of the Andaman. The Island, with its very relaxed vibes and long, deserted beaches is a place to chill out after the bustle of Havelock.

Best time to Visit

The heavenly Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best enjoyed in the pleasant weather. Far from the mainland India, these islands enjoy a blissful tropical weather. The tourist season is October to May. These are the months of optimum weather conditions. For travellers who are seeking to explore the marine world with scuba diving and snorkelling, December to March is the best time. For nature lovers who want to enjoy the bliss, October to December and March to May are the ideal season.

How to Reach

By Air- Five weekly flights between Calcutta and Port Blair and Four between Chennai and Vishakhapatnam connect the Islands to the mainland.

By Ports- there are around three to four ships sailing between Haddo Jetty, Port Blair in the Andamans and Calcutta and Chennai on the mainland. There is one sailing from Vishakhapatnam every two Months. The Shipping Corporation of India runs these sailing. The distances between Port Blair and some of the important cities on the mainland are Calcutta (1255 km), Chennai (1190 km), and Vishakhapatnam (1200 km)

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