The 4 Main Causes Of Procrastination Revealed

Every one procrastinates; it is everyone’s problem. Some people procrastinate more than others, but that does not make it any better. It is not a productive habit and might lead to stress, guilt, and even depression.

So, don’t let it ruin your life. With right knowledge and a positive attitude, you can beat procrastination and find your inner motivation.

Here in this article you will reveal the 4 main causes of procrastination along with cure

  1. You have a fear of the failure

You do not have self-compassion, which makes you feel more stressed during your tasks. You think that you are not good enough to do the task, which in turn makes you procrastinate. You have a fear of failure and certainly if you won’t do it, you won’t fail. But again it’s debatable because not attempting something is also a failure. So, here procrastination serves as a protector against fear of failure.

Cure: This problem can easily be cured you just need to start talking to yourself. Accept yourself as an optimistic human rather than a negative critic. Understand that failure is not permanent. Give your task a try, you might make mistakes but you have the opportunity to learn from them.

  1. You try to achieve perfectionism

If you consider yourself perfectionist, then you might not take actions thinking that you won’t able to do a new job with perfection. This becomes a huge problem because you never attempt to do new things and keep doing what you are used to.

 Certainly, it is a good thing that whatever you do you are best at it. However it becomes a problem of procrastination when you create a mental picture that something you want to complete is beyond your abilities and you won’t be able to perform best at it and you do nothing at all.

Cure: You must aim to do best and be satisfied with what you do. There is no such thing as perfection because everyone has a different definition of perfection and it might not match with your definition.

  1. Your focus is not where it should be

Another common and most important reason of procrastination is a

  1. You have low energy levels

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