The mega world known personality Dan Lok is a Chinese- Canadian business tycoon and also a global educator. His movement regarding education has now been spanning across 120 plus countries where he teaches the all men and women ways to increase their income skills that is aiming to provide them with good financial security.

The success story of Dan Lok started when he was just fourteen and he moved from his hometown in Hong Kong to Canada with his parents.

But not everything was going smoothly in his life, the hope of better lifestyle and transition was gradually becoming the story of disappointment. His family soon started facing lots of trouble in their new phase of life.

But Dan Lok was a determined about his goals and believed in the power of hard work. He knew that working about his odds will only give him name and fame which he wanted. His sheer determination and hard work made him today a multi millionaire that too just before the age of thirty.

So let’s know about the success story of Dan Lok from beginning.

When Dan Lok started going to school he already knew that the transition was not going to be that easy. He was among the only 3 Chinese students in entire school thus an easy target of being bullied by other students. This bullying happened till his early high schools. His patience was the only key that he used these all years.

While he was going under trauma of being bullied at school another unfortunate incident was about to happen in his personal life. Just at the age of sixteen his parents got divorced.

Life was becoming tough day by day both at home and school. More hurdles and worries were waiting for him in the future.

After some time his mother told him about his father financial condition. She told him that he went bankrupt and now could not longer assist them financially.

Dan Lok can then easily notice the signs of hopelessness on his mother’s face. This was the moment when Dan Lok decided to change his fortune and pledged to any amount of hard work just to bring back the smile and hope his mother has lost.

He got inspiration from watching Bruce Lee that is Way of the Dragon which shows Chinese martial artist( Lee) fighting against an American karate master ( Chuck Norris) and learned the art of martial arts himself.

He then went to Rome and not knowing English became a reason of his mockery . He was criticized for this but his helping attitude gained him name and fame.

He did several odd jobs that include jobs like paper delivery man to mowing lawns. He even started his own advertising agency. Gradually he was able to make money out of it. He thought that life is now becoming stable but more unfortunate surprises were coming in his way.

He tried to reconnect with his father and tried to build up his personal relationships with him. He bought a house a for him. But an illness took over his father and he died soon.

His father death was a turning point in his life. All the fame, money, wealth had no meaning now.

He realised that remaining grateful for what you have in your life will only pave way to your success.

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