Stop Doing While Arguing/ Fighting with Women

A woman is a female human. She is very soft heart or sensitive by nature. She has so calm but sometimes her calm blast in an unexpected situation and she start fighting or arguing, it becomes very difficult to deal with it for a man, friend or anyone.Fights or argue not the occasion to impose your ideas thought, demand and decision on another person. Fights, in fact, uncontrolled moments in life and if people do not learn to deal such situation in the most mature way, the life can be hell and relationships so unstable.But we need to know some points when a woman lost her calm, what not to do while arguing/ fighting with her and try to not increase her argument.

Stop Doing these things

  • At the time of argument, we should keep our mouth shut, not give to point to continue her argument. Don’t try to prove yourself.
  • Not remind her past life like her ex-boyfriend, ex-husband and all. Because your reminder maybe hurt her a lot and become the reason of issue of fighting and you’re fighting not come at the end.
  • Don’t show you are not interested in listening to her, because when you did pretend like that she consider, her talks as unimportant and not worthy to be listen
  • Doesn’t asking that what did you say? Cause she, not goanna repeat it to you.
  • Try to find out the reason behind her argument or fighting, and resolve in very calmly. If a man also becomes anger, her mood goes out of control.
  • Take serious her words and don’t make part of your jokes because she thinks that she is really serious about what she is trying to prove.
  • Don’t repeat the reason for fighting; trying to diverse her mind in other things, it may be a more important thing rather her fighting reason.
  • Just pretend as you understand each word of it and she says a right or correct thing.

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