Use Of ‘All’

Was there everything all right?

All party members are not same in politics.

All wandering places are very fabulous.

Have you ever gone anywhere with your all friends.

All GMA students are concentrating on study.

Use of ‘Any’

Have you any supporter in your home.

Do you know any good English speaker?

Are you doing any work on laptop?

Do you remember any special moment of your life?

Use of ‘Before’

He comes before me every morning.

I have done this work before reached you.

You call me before reach here.

She is very slim before marriage.

Business man of business was going very well before GST?

Use of ‘Better’

I was speaking better than her.

I think your speech is better for perform.

She is very better student in this batch.

Use of ‘Both’

Jamia Milia and Zakir Husain both are Muslim college.

He and she both are brother and sister.

I saw two movies both the action movies.

America and Russia both power full country.

Manager and Owner both are Hindus.

Use of ‘But’

I go there but she did not meet me.

She can also do B.ed but she didn’t give his entrance exam.

He also comes with me but his mother deny.

We celebrate party but some problems come with us.

Mostly person do very hard work but they are not success in our life.

Use of ‘Down’

Today’s mostly child go down side in study because use of mobile.

Your background is very down.

After long time she come back down side.

Use of ‘About’

He gave very good speech about our teacher.

She is very knowledgeable about our politicians.

We know very well about everything what is right and what is wrong.

Use of ‘Above’

The High Court is above the Supreme Court.

Use of ‘After’

I had joined NCC after 12th class.

What they are doing after completed graduation.

BJP party came in politics after congress party.

Indian’s constitution made after got independence.

She arrived here after faced many problems.

Use of ‘One’

Remember one thing you never get higher education without money.

No one will take interest in your ideas, still you are not successful.

Have you any one witness in your favour.

One day definitely I will fulfil my dreams.

Someone said to me you’re a very strong girl.

Use of ‘Only’

You got only one chance for your opinion and you destroyed it.

She has very sharp minded only hackers and data entries.

I gave you only one duty and this also you don’t do properly.

I have only one thing is good I got my real love.

You can choose only one way in one time.

Use of ‘Over’

Water is over flow to river.

You go it over carefully.

He has an over attitude.

In one over we can play six balls.

Use of ‘Right’

We should choose always right way.

Do you do right this work?

Do you know what is right and what is wrong?

She is right women for maintain my office.

Use of ‘Round’

Every student is round of teachers.

Use of ‘Since’

Since that day we did not talk properly.

I did not saw you since childhood.

This building has been constructing since my birth.

India had got independence since 15Aug, 1947.

In GMA I joined my English classes since 19 Jan, 2017.

Use of ‘So’

I am so worried about self.

Today is your birthday so what is your plan for your birthday party.

He is very rich person so he always helps ready to poor person.

She speaks in English so much.

Common sense is not so common.

Use of ‘Some’

Someone is calling you.

You want to something.

Have you ever suffered some disease in your life?

Can you some help me?

He tells some stories about him.

Use of ‘Still’

He has everything but still he wants something.

Still you are sleeping.

I had gone there but still my work not done.

Use of ‘Little’

Now he is very little boy for this work.

It’s a little bit dangerous for us.

Little children are very cute and naughty.

They learnt English little bit.

Use of ‘More’

Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.

Every people want more money.

Population is more increasing in India day by day.

She is more intelligent than her.

You talk more and works do less.

Use of ‘Much’

They love too much to each other.

We are talking on this topic too much.

His family nature is so much good.

In this holiday I did so much fun and enjoy.

I feel so much tired.

Use of ‘Near’

My relatives live near my home.

They are very nearest friends.

C.P. is near about Janpath market.

My home is nearby Laxmi Nagar.

Now she passed away nearest me.

Use of ‘Need’

I want to fulfil my and my mother needs.

I have lots of needs.

My big need is my family members.

For live we need water, air.

Mostly Parents has needed their child.

Use of ‘Neither’

He is neither strong nor weak.

I have not seen the film and neither has my sister.

I will not go there and neither my mother.

Use of ‘Next’

So what is your next step?

I will meet you next week.

You remember this thing next time.

Next performance is your.

Use of ‘No’

There is no one man.

She has no pocket money.

Nobody met me on that day.

Old generation has no goal.

His voice was no loud and clear.

Use of ‘Once’

Once i ran into her.

Once upon a time was accident with my car.

Once he loved her lots of.

Use of ‘Else’

You want something else?

He has something else for my mobile phone.

We had wandered every place; we shall go elsewhere for wander.

Anything else?

Use of ‘Enough’

Have you eaten enough?

Enough, your time is finished.

Use of ‘Except’

He is good student except all students.

I will do every work except this work.

You can eat anything except cold things in summer season.

My teacher is best for everyone except all teachers.

Except pizza I like every Chinese food.

Use of ‘For’

Thanks’ a lot for everything.

He can do everything for me.

She will go his hometown for two or three days.

I do exercise every morning for my body fitness.

Parents always do hard work for earn money.

Use of ‘Less’

I knew him much less at the time.

This time is very less for doing this work.

He is less boy as well as rat.

I have less money for buy this watch.

In this play your role is very less.

Use of ‘Like’

Chowmein and momos I like so much in fast food.

She is looking like her mother.

You have lots of bad habits, like; smoking, drinking, use abuse language etc.

He didn’t say like that.

I like so much Barbies.

Use of ‘That’

I reached college on that day, but college was not opening.

That is my favourite thing.

She said to me; you say to her like that.

That girl is very fatty girl like an elephant.

She will wander with him that day.

Use of ‘Till’

I stay here till 5:30 O’clock.

She’ll do this work till then you take something from outside.

His exam is till this Saturday.

She slept but until you are not sleeping.

We shall not go anywhere till my exam finish.

Use of ‘Up’

Yesterday, he went to up side at night.

You stand up from your seat.

His category is up except us.

Now she will do ups and downs for punishment.

Hands up and surrender yourself to me.

Use of ‘Well’

I think your plan is well & good.

Now his feeling is well or not?

Well, you want to do this work, keep it up.

Use of ‘What’

What happened to you man.

Could you explain to me what are you doing?

What is your problem?

What things you have for your safety.

I don’t know what you know.

Use of ‘While’

While a great teacher, he is a great motivator.

She is not well and she is studying while.

He teach us while he doing this work.

Use of ‘The’

The Taj mahal is made by shahjahan.

This is the watch which we gave to her.

The girl is playing in the garden.

He is the best motivator and corporate trainer.

The Everest is big mountain.

Use of ‘How’

How many time you spend on yourself study.

How do you go to your academy?

How much price you take this novel?

Can you understand me how i do this work.

How was going your college days.

Use of ‘When’

When you come from there?

When did you buy this phone?

When your birthday comes?

When did your academy started?

When he has done his graduation?

Use of ‘Why’

Why he did not come with us for wandered?

Why she suffering from disease.

Why did you leave him?

Why she is calling me and him.

Why are you not taking breakfast?

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