Accept and Except

To accept = to influence

I accept it’s my fault.

The machine only accepts these passbooks which have bar-code.

I cannot accept your religion.

She accepts all things from him.

We accept this play with my team.

To except = to exclude

He is good student except all students.

I will do every work except this work.

You can eat anything except cold things in summer season.

My teacher is best for everyone except all teachers.

Except pizza I like every Chinese food.

Adapt and Adopt

To adapt = to become accustomed

When she went there she easily adapted there weather.

There is very cold and i cannot adapt their climate.

They will adapt hot climate.

To adopt = to take as one’s own

When parents died after that their baby adopted anyone.

They adopted this baby from Anathashram.

We are searching for an adopter for his child.

She is an adopted girl.

Adverse and averse

To adverse = unfavorable

If you don’t study so it’s an adverse effect on your future.

New peoples adversely to old generation.

Excess of exercise had an adverse effect on his health.

He was adversely affected by your regulation.

To Averse = Opposed

He is averse to going to Bombay.

She is averse for doing this work.

Are they averse dancing on the stage?

You averse take this thing.

I am so happy, I did not do work from averse.

Affect and Effect

To affect = to influence

She everyday affect for not come to institute.

Manager was very affecting of his activities.

Her parents affect on their child.

She was the most important influence in my life.

The affected of mechanical action from her work.

To effect = the result

Your scolding will have no effect on him.

This thing does not effect on her body.

His studies very effected by your teach.

No one effect of your training.

All ready and Already

All ready = completed prepared

I have all ready done this work.

I am all ready reached here but no one is come.

She gave to me party all ready.

He takes all ready his extra classes.

We all ready took our breakfast.

Already = previously

I had already completed my graduation when he joined college.

She had already good English speaker.

They have already played in ground.

We already participate on this debate.

You had already joined GMA.

All together and altogether

All together = every one gathered

We will be all together at the bus stand.

Can they do this work to all together?

We will make plan to all together.

They are going there with all together.

All together celebrate her birthday.

Altogether = Entirely

I took this phone altogether 5,000 rupees.

Their family altogether earn money 10,000 to 15,000.

Altogether you are not totally depending on other person.

He depend altogether own self.

Allusion and Illusion

Allusion = reference

Mostly red sign is allusion dangerous to us.

Illusion = false impression

The drugs gave the illusion of a serious accident.

They have the illusion to her that she is very wealthy.

She is under the illusion that he loves her.

Anyone and Any one

Anyone = any person at all

Anyone of you can go and get the dresses for her.

Anyone in at all can write tense chart on the white board.

Anyone who was waiting for her on metro station.

Anyone come to me.

Any one = a particular person a group

Any one with a notebook comes to me.

Any one you eat your lunch.

Any one who has own tickets.

Any one who was want to performance on stage?

Beside and Besides

Beside = at the side of

She was standing beside the Paul.

His house is beside my house.

He is sitting beside the table.

His academy beside the Nazeer Hotel.

Besides = except

She learns everything besides the verb drill.

He can do every work besides the mechanical works.

I select every girl for teach besides boys.

Sir teaches us English besides all subjects.

I’ll give you party besides student.

Capital and Capitol

Capital = city of wealth

He requires a huge capital to start a business.

Delhi is the capital of India.

When we start writing section so word of the first letter is should be always capital.

There is capital buildings is so pretty.

Capitol = government building

Our capitol stays on Delhi Secretariat.

The capitol is in Washington, D.C.

Censor and Censure

Censor = to remove

Many actors to theatre censored to go back from final round.

His mother censors her shoes.

Mostly student censored that academy.

The school librarian censored the books.

Censure = to criticize

The school censured to for students discipline.

You censured do anything in your life.

The librarian censured the students for talking.

The celebrities become victims of public censure.

Cite and site

Cite = to quote

We cite put on my website.

She did cite enough references in her article.

He writes cite with own self.

Site = a place

His tenses describe on Ganga site.

We can search anything on any site.

She is famous on our site.

Her speech described a site in America.

Climactic and climatic

Climactic = highest intensity

Mostly techniques do not reach a right climactic.

Some of the Hindi movies do not have a climactic ending.

It was not the climactic event of the day.

Climatic = weather

There climatic very cold.

She likes there climatic.

Todays climatic is going very bad.

The climatic conditions were excellent.

In his house climatic is very hot.

Coarse and course

Coarse = rough

Mandawali road is very coarse.

His skin is too coarse.

Have you any coarse notebook for write-down this.

He uses coarse language while speaking to foreigners.

In villages floors is mostly coarse.

Course = a study

Your course you have done or not.

She course is pursuing in school but i have done.

My 12th course is also including in graduation.

These courses will do in our academy.

You come in school then you take your course.

Complement and Compliment

Complement = to go with

This jeweler will complement her new dress.

A fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner.

She is perfect complement to her.

That hat will complement her new coat.

I will give you party complement my birthday party.

To compliment = to flatter

I gave her a written compliment for her excellent dance performance.

She compliments his on his dressing sense.

He again & again compliment on her character.

Conscience and Conscious

Conscience = moral principle

He has very well conscience.

He has no conscience about his cruelty.

Her conscience bothered her after she said it.

Conscious = Aware

I conscious to him for his exams come.

She was conscious of her mistake.

Our parents’ conscious to their child for every incident.

Continual and Continuous

Continual = repeated regularly

My college was good continually in my time.

Her life of the day continual is very bad.

You are doing this mistake continual.

She complained continually of her study.

He doesn’t open continual his shop.

Continuous = extended without interruption.

He is using phone continuously while sitting in classroom.

They were talking continuous to each other.

It was a continuous problem.

The function is continuously differentiable.

My exams continuously will go.

Elicit and Illicit

Elicit = to bring out

He should elicit information without any reason.

We elicited about their background.

Illicit = immoral

An illicit association with is secretary.

Before 18 years to buy tobacco is illicit work.

Emigrate and Immigrate

Emigrate = to leave a country

Mostly Muslim emigrate India to go to Pakistan on dividing time.

British people were emigrating our country since 1947.

Their entire family emigrate from America.

To Immigrate = to enter a country

Following money more than peoples immigrated to here from Bangladesh and Bihar.

There nobody live with us that’s why we immigrated in Delhi.

She will immigrate in Russia.

Only few plants can immigrate to the island.

Eminent and imminent

Eminent = out standing

The Toni’s dance was very eminent.

Nelson Mandela’s is eminent novelist.

He is a very eminent person for English speech.

They are not eminent people.

Imminent = about to happen

I think something imminent to her.

You imminent fail in your entrance exams.

The conductor’s entrance was imminent.

She imminent unsuccessful in our life.

Everyone and every one

Everyone = unspecified number of people

There everyone was looking only me.

Everyone come to airport for received you.

In institute everyone concentrate on study.

Every one = each individual

Every one will need a ticket to enter.

Today’s generation every one wants to success in our life.

Every one comes in one by one.

Every one necessary learn English.

Farther and further

Farther = distance

You have to go farther to board the bus.

The academy he is looking for is farther from there.

Your college is so farther of his home.

Further = degree

I want to hear his speech further.

She got a good further in medicine from famous medical college.

Further, it has come to my notice.

You show to me your further performance.

Imply and Infer

Imply = to suggest

His silence seemed to imply agreement.

He imply to everyone for speaking English.

Her mother is implying to her becoming doctor.

The author implied that his book was finished.

My friends implied for buy this new phone.

Infer = to conclude

We can infer after 2hours rain will come.

From these activities we can infer quickly we shall learn English.

We can infer that it will be another good book.

In and Into

In =location

They were starting own business in same year since 2010.

She talks too much in home.

We were swimming in the river.

My college was very good in my timing.

Sir is sitting inside the room.

Into = direction

Can you come into my house?

I was going into the office.

She is going into a right way.

They walked into the theatre together.

You go into this stream.

Lie and lay

Lie = rest

After into the home i lie down on the bed for some time.

You are a lier people.

He is laying in this time.

He lied to me about his past life.

To lay = to put or place

You lay on table your all things.

Can he go there on lay?

Go and lay down on your bed.

He was laying to me about his experience.

Loose and lose

Loose = not securely fastened

She has all dresses are losing.

They have entered into a loose alliance.

The dog is roaming loose on the road.

These papers were loose in this folder.

Lose = to misplace

He lost a leg in the accident.

I lose my violet in first year.

Twenty minutes are lost because of you.

When she started speak in English then she has her lost confidence.

Maybe and may be

Maybe = possibly

Maybe students will come tomorrow.

It maybe happens to you something wrong.

Maybe I can finish today if I’ll do hurry up.

Maybe tomorrow sir will come late in GMA.

Maybe i can find another book if you stop your work.

May be = might be

She may be getting upset we do not go there.

Tomorrow may be I will come in office.

Call before you go, as he may be not been expecting.

Today may be Dr. Clinic has open.

Precede and proceed

 To Precede = to come before

He precedes to her in GMA.

She have preceded modal to him.

Her part in the dance preceded the sing.

The president is preceded by security staff.

To proceed = to go forward

When i was coming GMA in first time then i go forward to GMA.

They forward to this entire msg.

Please forward this book into front.

They proceed with the play even thought it was late.

Principal and principle

Principal = head of school

My college principal is very strict.

She is principal of my school.

We had two principal in my school.

Your principal met to my principal in yesterday meeting.

The principal spoke to the student yesterday.

Principle = a basic truth

Mahatma Gandhi was known for his great principle.

Their principles of composition characterised all their work.

Have you principle for do this work.

He suggested that fairness be principle of all behavior.

Raise and rise

Raise = to move upward

He raises his hand for punishment.

We raise flag on 15 Aug in the sky.

You are raising your speed.

She would raise her business.

Can you raise my time?

Rise = to go up

So many candle kite rise on terrace.

She rose from the attainder to become an officer

The sun rises in the east.

The smoke is rising from the chimney.

We were rising on hills Ares.

Respectfully and respectively

Respectfully = showing respect

That person is very respectfully to our elder.

The mostly teachers respectfully helps their student.

Every people respects to our flag.

Respectively = each in the order given

Every question has each in the order given answer.

Both the matches will be played on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

All students stand in line respectively.

Set and sit

To Set = to put or place

In these set is SSC books.

She has very set ideas on bringing up children.

Can you set all things in my home?

How much books in one set.

To sit = to be seated

They are fighting to each other for sit on the one chair.

Can you sit on that table?

We are sitting here.

He was sitting in this room.

Sometime, sometimes and some time.

Sometime = at an unstated time

I will be here sometime before since morning.

She met to her for sometime yesterday night.

Can you done this work in sometime.

It was to be printed sometime later.

Sometimes = now and then

He meets me sometime.

Sometimes she wished she were back in England.

She speaks loudly sometime.

They sometimes reach late.

Some time = a period of time

I want to talk to you for some time.

He does this work for some time.

There and their

There = place

We went there in summer season.

There are so many places for wandering.

Why don’t you set the things there on the table?

You can take it from there.

There you are! You will make it.

Their = ownership

Their teacher is very strictly teaching them.

They will want to get their pens from of the chair.

It is their dresses.

We are need to their.

Weather and whether

Weather = climate

There weather is very awesome.

Let’s go out. The weather is pleasant now.

They were hoping for good weather.

You buy a suit that weather well.

Yesterday weather was very dirty.

I think that weather will be nice tomorrow.

Whether = choice

It’s your whether you come at my home or not.

No you decide which field you whether for your career.

Have you whether which things you purchase.

I don’t know whether he will come.

Whether you like it or not

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