Some Common Expressions,About, on, in, at, for, by, to, to, from, of, out, with, after, a way Before

Some Common Expressions

About [Bishaya Main / Lagbhag / Ke Charo Aur]

About 10 o’clock                Quarrel about something

About 2 feet long               Argue about something

On     [Par]

On monday                          On sall                       On fire

On the table                         On the whole          On purpose

On telephone                      On guard                  On the wall

On that day                         On a cold day          On foot

On halidays                          On leave                   On loan

On committee                    On15 th march        On new year’s day /

On phone                             On the radio            On tv             

In   [ Main ]

In the bag                             In pain                       In winter

In india                                  In trouble                 In reply

In hospital                            In love                       In common

In the world                         In 1983                     Swim in the river

In old age                              In future                   In past

In uniform                            In poverty                In debt

In doubt                                In Jake                       In politics

In march                               Fail in the exam

At [ Nirdist Samay  , Nirdist Sthan , Matra , Cram ]

At 10 am                               At play                       At fell speed

At 6 o’clock                          At work                    At bisst

At school                               At once                      At last

Good at                                 Bad at                         laugh at

At was                                   At and rate               At a distance

At leisure                              At sunset                   At (the page) 15

At the station                      At times                     At his best

For ( Ke Liye )

Ready for                              To be fit for              Useful for

Good for him                       To pay for                 A car for sale

Prepare for an exam         lope for the best.    Read for pleasure

Preparation for an             Pray for peace.       Cry for help

By [ Pass Main , Tak  (Samay Ke Prasang Main ) , Ke Anusar , Matra , Dwara . ]

Done by sita                         leash by least           By accident

Made by land                      By dag light               By electricity

By one o’ clock                    little by little             By the way

Go by bus / train / air        By no means            To tell by looking at

By day light                          By tomorrow             By post

By mistake                            By chance                   By my watch

By the time                           By evening                  Know somebody by Name

 To   [Tak, Ke Prati, Ke Liye ]

Forced to                              Try to

Easy to                                   Want to                                  Go to

Hope to                                 Like to                                    Kind to

Fall to the ground              From Sunday to Monday     Walk to school go to school

From beginning to end     From village to village           From morning to night

From [Se]

Away from                           Absent from                                       Free from

Different from                    To suffer from                                   From memory

From time to time              Frome 18th May                               Draw water from a well

From this point of view    Seen from a above                          Quotation from Tagore

Of [Ka, Ki, and Se]

Full of                                     Made of                                           Sure of

Think of                                 Take care of                                   Cured of

For fear of                            Built of brick                                  Hard ob hearing at the thirty

The writing of a letter       The leg of the Table                     Years of age

A dress of silk                      Short of Money                             The first of June

Out [Door, Bahar, and Alag]

To go out                                   Out of town                                  Out of stock

To find out                                Out of sight                                  Out of reach

Out of practice                         Out of Fashion                           He is out

Out of Control                         Out of order                                 Out of danger

With [ Ke Saath , Ke Dwara ]                 

With pleases                        Argue with                           Go with him

Play with                              Cut it with a knife               With you help

Write with a pen                See with our eyes               Tremble with fear

At war with                          With joy                   

Shake with cold                  Fight with courage             Mix this with that

 After [ Baad Me ]

After dinner                        After the game                       After all after that

After breakfast                   A week after that                  day after

After two 0’clock               Soon after                               After tomorrow

One after another              Bus after bus                         After dark

Before [Samne, Ke Purba ]             

Before the war                    Before the holidays                       The Year before last

Before 1980                        Two Days before lali                      The Problem before us

A way [Door, Alag]

To run way                           A mile away                                     To throw away

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