Seven Reasons you should move on in your life.

Letting go of someone we love is certainly hard. The memories keep flooding back to us and keep us from moving on. We are unable to evaluate what went wrong. There are self-blame and a string of questions that go unanswered. What once felt like the most perfect thing in the world fell apart. Why isn’t it right anymore? However, it is important to let go- a piece of advice knowingly easier said than done.

Here are seven reasons you should move on.

Someone who lets you go does not value you.

As simple as that. Whatever the reason for a relationship’s end, if someone decides to leave you, he or she didn’t see you as something worth fighting for. Life is full of twists and turns, unanticipated obstacles. But, if someone makes the choice to walk out of your life, then this person didn’t appreciate all that you were. You deserve someone who will. Think of all the love you poured into someone, all the things you did to make this person happy and feel cared for. If someone chose to leave that then let go.

You cannot change the way a person is.

A relationship ends when two people do not get along the way they thought they would, they don’t quite fit. Recall the game we all have played in our childhood, that of puzzles. There were times you were so sure that two pieces went together only to find you were close, but not quite there? You’d become frustrated trying to smash the cardboard together, but alas they weren’t right. Relationships are somewhat similar. When we like a person a lot, we think that they are “the one.” But as we spend more time with them, we realize that we don’t quite fit together. Your personalities clash, your values are too different, your life goals too far apart. You need to find someone who fits. You cannot change that puzzle piece and you cannot change a person either.

Open the door to finding someone who is right for you.

When a relationship ends there’s heartbreak, but there’s also the prospect of finding someone better. When you are in the grieving phase, it seems unbearable that you would be able to love someone else, but you will. Slowly you’ll begin to find that you will be able to care for someone this strongly again. There will be a time when a new door opens and someone walks through. Embrace the fact that life is an adventure and new opportunity awaits.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Problems can kill but were made to make you live. Problems come with solutions and life is just this big book of problems while you struggle with finding the answer key when you can solve it yourselves. But that’s the thing about life. It doesn’t come with a manual, instructions or an answer key. Life came with problems that you were made to solve. And there will be times wherein life will be this big maze that there seems to be no way out but just when you’re about to give up a glimpse of hope will shine and show you the way.

You’ve learned a lesson you needed.

You’ve gained from this. You now know what doesn’t work in a partner and what qualities you are truly looking for, what you need to be happy. A failed relationship teaches you what’s important to have in the next and what cannot be repeated. Whatever it may be, we learn something from each person that enters in our life. Take it as a learning experience. Cherish the good memories and treat the bad ones as teachings.

You need love and attention too.

During a relationship, we tend to focus a lot of our time on another person. We always align our actions in accordance with their happiness. Now, it’s time to focus on yourself. Devote your time to what makes you happy. What can you do for you that nobody else can? Is it taking an adventure? Placing more time on your hobbies and interests? Whatever it may be, do it. Love yourself and then when you’re ready, take a deep breath and jump into something new.

It gets better, always.

You’ll eventually be okay. The Universe will get you what you need. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get what you want. But life will assure you that it will get better. Life will end up for you as a sunny morning, waking up with no regrets. As long as you live life to fullest. It will get better, maybe not today but tomorrow. It will get better because there is always a rainbow after every storm. It will get better because every Disney character had to go through the sad part of the movie right? It will get better because everyone in this world deserves a happy ending.

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