Seven powerful time management tricks to be successful in life.

Lost time is never found again- Those aren’t just words, but a very important life lesson from a wise man called Benjamin Franklin. I am sure you are reading intently now. Time is a human being’s most valuable resource but it is also strange. Nothing is more treasured and plodding. You spend time and kill it. Five minutes can be a second or a year, in context. Days and weeks vary wildly in worth and perception. Time has been the one thing hardest for the man to grasp and own. And this is exactly why time management is important. It helps you strike just the right balance between time and conserves your energy for the most vital tasks. It helps you build a routine which is responsible for successful outcomes.

Time management is a technique for using your time more effectively. Organize your professional and personal tasks based on how urgent and important they are and take care of the most urgent and important first, followed by activities that are not urgent but still important. By prioritizing your workload, you can focus your time and energy where they matter most.

Seven powerful time management tricks to be successful in life.

Plan ahead. We must be purposeful about how we spend our time. Moments used purposefully are beyond valuable, because of those accomplishments flood over the impacts of regular time: a successful workout, for example, changes the rest of your upcoming week more than internet browsing. Much of our time is dissolved, intentionally or otherwise, and it should be. We’re made for that. It is a uniquely human pleasure to ‘waste’ time, and it’s that recharging that gives contrast and weight to the time we spend. But time is still a currency, and it can be better used than we think. Even the idea of using it purposefully as an investment can make us more productive, and isn’t it easy to retain an idea?

Have a positive mindset.

You rush to do things you like, and you procrastinate and resent the rest. So, do things you like. Obviously, that doesn’t mean eating cake all day, but even that’s fine. You wouldn’t want that. So, find reasons to do the things you “should” that don’t feel like chores. Choose the personal and the positive: choose the gym because you like the way it makes you feel, not that you think you should. Eat healthy because you like the energy. If you slip it’s because you want to- also legit- and this means your time and energy will be more productive. You’ll waste less time in postponing when you’re eager to jump to what you like.

Apply the 80/20 rule.

According to the Pareto Principle (i.e., the 80/20 rule), 20 percent of actions drive 80 percent of results. And the other 80 percent accounts for only 20 percent of results. Translated, this means that successful people know that the top priorities (or the top 20 percent) are going to drive the most important results. They delegate the rest.

Put your phone down and stop watching mindless TV.

The 21st century has brought with it the unimaginable variety of distractions for us. Social media and television being the biggest ones. Instead of actually doing our work we spend more time tweeting about how we don’t want to do it! Once our phone dings that text, Facebook message, Instagram like or retweet is 100% more important than our due dates. Putting down your phone while you finish your work can improve the quality and shorten the time it takes to get it done due to your undivided attention. Or else, kill the notifications. Choose to check these things when you have time to be distracted – say, during a lunch break – and work through them together, saving time. Also, unplug that TV when you are not supposed to watch it. Switching on the TV means we’ll end up watching any and everything we can whilst flipping channels and doom ourselves. You can complete your work first and still keep up with Game of Thrones. Just finish the work!

Important things first.

What is the single most important (not urgent) thing you could possibly be doing? Do some of that today. Remember there’s a limitless number of distracting storm troopers – don’t fool yourself into thinking “if I just do this thing first then I can”. Do not live by excuses.

Don’t try to multitask.

There are always zillions of things you could be doing. The trick is to pick no more than 1 – 3 a day and relentlessly pursue those. Your brain won’t like this limit. Other people won’t like this limit. Do it anyway. Focusing entirely on one task at a time is infinitely more efficient than multi-tasking and gives you time to excel at your work.

Ignorance is often blissful.

It’s impolite, unprofessional and often utterly required. There are people you won’t find time to reply to. There are requests you will allow yourself to forget. You can be slow to do things like tidy up, pay bills or open mail. The world won’t fall apart. The payoff is you get done what matters.

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