Scooter Braun: Story of a Hollywood CEO who went from struggling to get by to Managing Superstars

Scooter Braun who is better known as the manager of Justin Bieber who worked against all odds only to become a biggest managers in the pop world.

Scooter Braun is also the Founder of School Boy that is responsible for the records and manages top artists in music industry such as Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Carly Rae Jensen , Martin Garrix and Psy.  Though he was not at all a powerful player in the entertainment industry with money to spare.

Before he came in the limelight he was normal middle class person. He had the dream of polishing his basketball skills to be selected in the team of NBA. He wanted to prove everyone wrong around him . His childhood dreams had been failed and he wanted to inspire others.

His journey to success is quite dramatic. From having swastikas scratched into his car by vandals to making his name inscribed in  Timemagazine’s list is quite inspiring. He had his name in the list of “100 Most Influential People”.

His success story is full of valuable lessons, his positive perspective towards life . He believes that the real legacy in family in life is family and charity.

His full name is “ Scott Samuel “scooter” Braun”. He was born on June 18, 1981 in New York City to the conservative Jewish parents. He had three 3 siblings. His family had barely escaped the Holocaust and had fled to US in the 50s. Braun learned from his family history that world will not always be on his side and he has to fight his odds alone only.

He was usually teased by his neighbourhood kids with anti-Semitic slurs, a situation that usually land up in fist fights. He regularly noticed the swastika carved on his family cars after he was selected as the class president in high school.

He tried to have a happy childhood and gradually he developed interest in Basketball. He usually bury his nose in countless Superman comics. Though he had always considered his father to be his real heroic figure.

His father made him realised the importance of valuing the power of integrity . He taught him the lesson that lying will surely land him in becoming successful in just a short term but if he sticked to the path of truth and integrity he will taste the success and this success will last for longer duration of time.

This was a turning point in his life. At the age of 18 he took admission in Emory University in Atlanta. While studying he started his first business with his friend which was selling fake IDs to party goers. But both the partnership and business failed after some time. He started a new business again that was organizing parties in nightclubs. His first party earned him $800 . This was the beginning of his successful career.

Later he quitted his basketball and got more involved into the party business. Meanwhile he couldn’t strike balance between his new career and his studies. So when his academic advisor advised him choose one he dropped the college in order to become the head of marketing at the label So So Def .

Thus you can see how his hard work and passion lead him to the path of success.

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