Pangong Retreat Camp, Ladakh

Ladakh is very interesting place for tourists and famous for those who plays game with the inevitable danger because Ladakh offers adventures place and provide peace and silence to them.

Pangong Retreat Camp is an excuse to enjoy the Rustic sceneries of Ladakh in a unique and luxurious way. Mid of Himalayan this camp invite to face off with the charming nature of Ladakh, without compromising on the luxury quotient.

Pangong Retreat is set amidst the serene beauty of naked mountains, exotic Pangong Lake and the beautiful Spangmik village which is lies on a narrow stretch of land along the lake. The retreat stands slightly on a higher level facing the ravishing lake giving a wonderful picturesque of the lake, its crystal clear water having various shades of blue and green.

The retreat provides all comfortable accommodation for enjoying a unique experience and camp has a medical tent with all basic first aid and oxygen cylinder.

This trip may be give a memorable trip and show the natural beauty of nature to tourist. Most of the tourist come here and stay for so many days because they really want to get experience of our nature.

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