Need to Chase a Dream on Limited Time.

One of my favorite quotes that always stay in my heart is that ‘Lost time is never found again’. Time is a limited resource and we tend to undermine its importance the most. We all have dreams that more often than not are drastically different from the life we are currently leading. We all chase the wrong things in life- the wrong person, the wrong job. We don’t actually go after our own dreams. But you know what? If there’s anything we should chase, it is our own dreams. Because when we chase our dreams, time will fit perfectly with our calling. You are allowed to go after your craziest dreams — and you should chase after those dreams — because you are going to regret letting them slide by. You are going to regret taking the path of least resistance. You are going to regret choosing an easy life over a fulfilling life.

You are going to regret working a 9 to 5 job that makes you miserable when you could be doing what you love for a living. You are allowed to decide that a desk job is not for you. You are allowed to say no to working the job that makes the most sense, the job that requires the least amount of work, the job that is technically your safest route. You are allowed to decide you do not want to follow the career path your parents have been pushing you to take since you were a child. You are allowed to pursue a career which is not in line with your college degree.

You are allowed to change your mind about what you want from life after you graduate after you are already a grown adult. You are allowed to believe that it is never too late. You are allowed to do something for yourself for a change.

You are allowed to ignore all of the people who tell you that following your heart is a bad idea. You are allowed to ignore them when they say you are not good enough to succeed. You are allowed to ignore them when they tell you to give up.

You are allowed to take risks, even though you might end up running low on your bank balance. You are allowed to follow your wildest dreams, even though other people might judge you for it. You are allowed to follow your passion, even though you might go through hell before getting what you want.

You are allowed to do what you love, even if that means you are going to have to leave your big apartment and find a smaller one. Even if that means you are going to have to work longer hours and take shorter breaks.

You are allowed to live a life that makes you happy. You are allowed to choose the road less traveled, the road which has more obstacles and the road ignored by many.

You shouldn’t have to wake up every morning and hit snooze. You shouldn’t count down the hours until your work day is over. You shouldn’t dread Mondays. You shouldn’t wish for a vacation. You shouldn’t hate what you’re doing for a living. You shouldn’t spend forty hours a week miserable.

You are allowed to be brave and take a chance. You are allowed to have faith that you will one day succeed. You are allowed to do something wild. You are allowed to chase after your craziest dreams. And you must do it now, for time is running and it won’t come back. What will remain is regret. So get to work. Work, grind, party, and repeat. This should be your mantra.

What are you waiting for? Go and chase your dreams because a lot of people long to witness you prove that nothing is impossible.


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