Motivational tricks to stay positive during tough time

Life is unpredictable and difficult. That is the fundamental truth we all must learn to accept. In that acceptance, lies strength. If it wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be worth living. The moment you think you’ve got a hang of how it all works, the very instant you have figured it all out, life changes. The strength to overcome the challenges posed by life lies within you.

In the silent chambers of your soul lies the quiet confidence that no matter what, you will overcome this and rise again as a wiser and stronger being. Greater the difficulty, sweeter and grander the victory. Every insult, every disappointment, every pain and hurt that breaks your heart is fuel for the inner fire. It only serves to make you stronger in the long run. Remember, tough times never last but tough people do.

Here is how to stay positive during tough times.

Remember that it is only temporary. This is a wonderful thing to remember at all times. Highs/lows, peaks, and valleys—this is the beauty in the ebb and flow of nature. We’re living beings, we’re not permanent. We change, we evolve, we deconstruct, we build, we break, we mold. We grow. Anytime we’re going through storms, we should be elated at the fact that once the storm passes, that first beat of the sun on our skin will feel better than it ever did before. We learn to appreciate things in a new perspective we wouldn’t have thought to lest we went through the trials we did. Sometimes, the lessons are a little rougher than what we would’ve preferred but having faith that we’re tested to the limits we can endure should build confidence that we’re much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Pat yourself on the back. You’re going to make it through this.

Be thankful for the good things in life.

If you can’t find something good in your life to focus on, try to think of all the things you have that you take for granted. Things like food in your fridge and a roof over your head or even the fact that you can read this. Focus on what you have now and you will draw more good things to you.

Let your emotions out, don’t hold them back.

Don’t hold it in because you want to appear strong. Vent it out, talk to your friends, cry, yell and scream if you must but don’t suppress the pain because it can grow, and it can get worse. The sooner you let it all out, the better mindset you’ll have in dealing with your hardships.

Spot the silver lining in the dark clouds.

Even though it’s the hardest thing to do when you’re struggling but sometimes it’s exactly what you need and sometimes it’s the truth. Losing your job could lead to a better job, ending a relationship can lead to a better relationship, losing someone can pave the way for deep self-reflection and make you a better person. There is always a rainbow after the storm.

Digest the pain in pieces.

Don’t swallow it. If you think about how terrible the situation is or how serious it is, you’ll overwhelm yourself and feel paralyzed. Instead, take it one step at a time; think of where you can start, which direction you will go and what is it that you can actually control in this situation and what you can leave up to fate.

Remember that tough times shape you as a person.

The moments that change you and the times that make you stronger are usually not the happy or easy ones. It’s only during hard or hopeless times that you get to know yourself better and discover your own strength and resilience. It’s these times that truly shape your character and make you grow.

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