Most Popular Persons in the World in 2018

The past year 2018 was a much happening and vibrant year which has seen so much worldwide.

Let’s have a look on 10 most popular persons in world in 2018:-

  • Xi Jinping

He is a Chinese politician who has served as general secretary of the Communist Party of China. In current times he is regarded as the most powerful man on earth. Xi has brought a totally “new era” for China on global stage. He has given new economic and technological dimension to China.

  • Vlamidir Putin

His full name is Vlamidir Vladimirovich Putin. He is the Presidentof Russia since year 2012. He is popularly known for his fearless attitude. He made news for his drastic fall in his fame. He made headlines for passing law that will increase state retirement age to 60 for women and 65 for men. This caused much protest against him across the country.

  • Donald Trump

He is the current President of United States. He is popularly known for his many false and misleading statements which had led to numerous protests.  He is quite famous for his bitter relationship with Islamic countries. One such example is he banned travelling of citizens from several Muslim majority countries.

  • Angela Merkel

Her full name is Angela Dorothea Merkel. She is a German politician and has been serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She has been regarded as the most powerful woman on Earth and a de facto leader of European Union. She made headlines for enforcing austerity in Germany. She has been seen as a cynical operator by Kundnani for her ruthless side-lining of political opponents.

  • Jeff Besos

His full name is Jeffrey Preston Bozos. He founder, CEO, Chairman and President of Amazon. Not just this he also owns aerospace company Blue Origin and proud owner of Washington Post. He was the only person in the world in year 2018 to have an estimate of $100 billion. As per news report going world wide he us expanding his business into cloud computing, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

  • Pope Francis

His full name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is the head of Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City State. He is known for his nature of humility and kind nature. The past year 2018 was much a kind of roller coaster to him as faced opposition for his indulgence in clerical sexual abuse crisis, reform of the Vatican and his interference in the historical deal between government of global Church and China. He gave many speeches on migration, human trafficking, death penalty that gave shock wave amongst the country men.

  • Bill Gates

He is an investor, author, philanthropist and humanitarian. He is principal founder of Microsoft Corporation. This year he garnered name for his work towards the healthcare issue of a dreaded disease named “Alzheimer” and “Polio”.

  • Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

He is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Currently he is serving as the country’s deputy prime minister. According to Forbes magazine he is on position eighth in list of powerful people 2018. He made news for his hostile relationship with USA President Donald Trump.

  • Narendra Modi

His full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi. He is the current Prime Minister of India. He is known for his oratory skills and powerful image. He is well known for his friendly and hostile relationship with the western world. Interesting with Indian elections on verge there is an upcoming movie based on real life of Narendra Modi.

  • Larry page

His full name is Lawrence Edward Page. He is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who have confounded Google. He is having an estimate of $51.3 billion according to Forbes Magazine. He is also the inventor of Page Rank, a search ranking algorithm for Google.

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