Most Popular Apps in the World

Apps have simplified our life and now they are part of our life. We are now depended on these apps. So let’s have a look on such 20 apps around the world

  • Facebook

No doubt it grabs 1st position on the list as it has power to connect us all with all family and friends. It’s free to download and as per estimate it has nearly 10 million one-star rating.Facebook has managed to get 4.119 billion downloads. It’s a social networking site where you can share your views, your photos, videos with all customised privacy settings as per your need. It even allows you ask for public opinions, do business promotion , entertainment

  • Facebook Messenger

Mr. Zuckerberg’s empire flourishes through Facebook and it correlated app Facebook Messenger which has now approximately 3.408 billion downloads. As Facebook , this app is also cost free to download. It is a messaging app and available both on Android and iOS , windows phone. A user can send text messages, exchange of photos-videos, stickers. Recently it has updated to provide users facility of voice and video calling. In March 2015 it had added feature of payment of money

  • Whatsapp

It’s a messaging app and an interesting fact about this app is that its under the ownership of Facebook since 2014. It is free of cost. It’s an messaging app which allows sending of text messages, voice calls, images, documents and other media. User can also share it’s location too. User just need to register their mobile number and enjoy simple and fast communication at much ease. It has over 600 million active users worldwide.

  • Instagram

This app is also owned by Facebook since 2012. It’s totally free of cost to download. Popularly known as insta or IG provides platform for sharing photos and videos . It is a much hit among youngsters. It’s available on iOS , Android , Windows 10 devices. App comes with features of numerous filters, tag options with location information too. It has updated with many privacy options where the followers are allowed to like, share or save the photo or videos.

  • Skype

It is a video calling service. It enables chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices. It even allows video conference calls. It was first released in year 2003 and since it has over 300 million users. It communicates through use of microphone and webcam. The calls are free of cost.

  • Subway Surfer

It’s a game app and has a huge fan following worldwide. It is based on concept of running in which the character flee down on a railroad escaping himself from police officer and his dog. This game has got more than billion downloads. It has more than 1.025 downloads. While you run you get chance to grab gold coins, many power-ups, you have avoid collisions with train and other objects. There are many in-game rewards and characters. It is total cost free to download

  • Twitter

It is a social networking site where users interacts with messages known as “tweets”. Earlier the word limit was restricted to 140 characters but in year 2017 it has increased. Users can post, like, retweet tweets. Twitter has gain much fame through its usage in political area where it has great platform for expressing views in concise yet meaningful way. It is free of cost to download.

  • Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus

The above app has got more than 833.739 million downloads.  This app ensures to clean your junk files, optimize your device memory and provides full protection against viruses. It improves performance of device inform of scanning and refreshing. It has features of app lock and photo vault too. It has enhanced features of battery saver, RAM booster, WiFi security and much more.

  • Candy Crush Saga

It is a video game app and has got more than 805.826 million downloads. It is total free to download and available on Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and iOS devices. It’s a match three puzzle video where player has to complete levels by swapping coloured pieces of candy on a game in order to match of same colour. Players get powers ups and larger board clearing abilities if they manage to get matches of four or more candies. It is total cost free.

  • Snapchat

It has features similar to Snapchat and has managed to get approximately 782.837 million downloads. It is free of cost to download. It interacts with help of virtual stickers and augmented reality objects. It uses “snaps” which is multimedia messages consisting of photo or a short video which can be filtered with effects, text captions, drawings. It’s a video based app which leaves vivid memory in audience for long duration. Photo snaps can be viewed for 1-10 secs as determined by the user before they become inaccessible.

  • SHAREit

It’s an app that allows transferring large files, audio- video, music, wallpapers, contacts, apps and what not from one device to another. It’s fame has been increasing only. It has got more than 771.520 million downloads and it is almost 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It is totally free to download. It is available on Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Transfer of files is 100% safe and virus free and do transfer in fraction of seconds.

  • Facebook Lite

The app has got more than 731.282 million downloads. It’s a Facebook related app designed for users with 1GB or 2GB of RAM and who have mostly access to 2G data networks only. It is free of cost to download. It just requires 1 MB of your device to download it thus less storage space.

  • Dropbox

It is one of the popular cloud storage service worldwide and has more than 726.182 million downloads till now. It is much ahead of its competitors like Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud. User can store and access their documents be it photos, video, audios, file synchronization, personal cloud. It’s totally free to download.

  • Line

It is just similar to the messaging app “WhatsApp”. It has got 711.278 million downloads with second popular messaging app. It’s free to download and have its users mainly in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

  • Viber

This app is much popular in Western world and has 680.635 million downloads. It is an instant messaging app which comes with features of audio-video calls, 250 person group chats and new added feature of encrypted communication. This app is free of cost to download.

  • Flipboard

It is an app for news sharing where users can flip the articles, images, news that has been shared. It drives it content from social media, news feed, and photo sharing sites. This app can be accessed via Web browser. It has approximately 592.048 million downloads. It is good platform to gather knowledge about news current affairs or sensational stories going around the world. It is total free to download.

  • Super-Bright LED Flashlight

It is amazing to see this app on such list. Surprisingly it has got 587.693 million downloads. This app provides nine illumination settings and if your device doesn’t have built-in flashlight, you can easily download it from Google play store which doesn’t requires any permissions or ads. It’s totally free of cost to download.

  • My Talking Tom

It is a favourite app for all children and a great app for entertainment. Interestingly it has got 578.344 downloads. It is virtual pet cat which imitates what the user’s say in his own built-in funny voice. It’s free of cost to download and a perfect fun app for children.

  • Google Translate

It’s an app which helps in translating text, media sites, in fractions of sections between English and over 100 other languages. It is available in 103 languages and was launched in year 2006. It has got 568.746 million downloads and is free of cost to download.

  • Security Master

It’s an security app which helps to protect your device from all viruses, junk files. It is a highest rated security app and has been certified by world leading research lab, AV-TEST as 100%virus free and malware detection. It has features of Anti-Virus, Junk clean, Phone Boost, CPU Cooler . It is free of cost to download and has more than 532.718 million downloads.

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