Most Frustrating Phrases That You Hear While Job Hunting

We all know that searching a job always comes with a bundle of struggle and frustration. What adds more to our misery are the frustrating phrases that we keep hearing from one or the other interviewer? I am sure you’ll be able to relate to all of them if you’ve ever hunted for a job in your life.

Here let me take you through some of the most frustrating phrases that burn your ear while job hunting.

1.You’re not exactly what we are looking for

It feels like a burning arrow directly to your heart. The worst part is how a single job interview makes you feel so unsuccessful

2.We can’t provide you any feedback

Yes, right! You don’t even want to hire me and that too without letting me know why.

3.You’re overqualified

What??? When you are all ready to break through any interview successfully, your heart breaks even more violently. I mean if a person is overqualified, isn’t it a good thing?

4.We’ll keep your CV in our systems in case another role comes up

Oh please! Why did you even invite me for the job interview and ask so many questions? Probably, they find it as the most convenient way of rejecting a candidate.

5.Good luck with your job search

Shall I feel good? Why not?  I am getting such a polite consolation in exchange for a job offer… Huh!

6.We really liked your profile and you were really a strong candidate, but…

Argh! These buts and ifs are always the most diplomatic conjunctions. So, yes right now you faced a cruel rejection just after they raised your hopes up.

7.You need more relevant experience

Need the experience to gain experience – does it even makes sense? How would I have more relevant experience, when no one will hire me

8.Keep checking for our vacancies and apply again

Do I have any other option left when you are not ready to hire me this time?

9.We will call you

And, the “call” never comes. Basically, they are rejecting you silently.

These frustrating phrases while job hunting will come and go, but you must remember that life doesn’t end here. There are a lot of opportunities in the world. So, just be confident and always look ahead, success will definitely knock your door soon.

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