To show promise, intention, willingness, threat and simple fatuity-

  1. You will certainly attend the meeting.
  2. From Delhi we will go to Kashmir.
  3. Do right, I will come with you.
  4. We will teach you a lesson.
  5. You will arrive tonight.
  6. He will go there tomorrow.
  7. The wedding will take place in July.
  8. The holidays will begin soon.

To show polite request, invitation, Present habit Probability and likelihood.

  1. Will you close the window Please?
  2. Will you have some more tea?
  3. Will you type this letter for me?
  4. The silly dog will chase all cyclists.
  5. A good teacher will never send his students away.
  6. If you step on a snake, it will bite you.
  7. He will have posted the letter.
  8. They will have done the work.


To show polite request / Polite invitation lets definite softer, more polite request.

  1. Would you please lend me your bicycle?
  2. Would you like a cup of tea?
  3. Will you come this way?
  4. Would you come this way?
  5. Will you open the door please (firm request).
  6. Would you open the door please (soften request).

To sow the guards, Probability, occasionally, Determination.

  1. What is her age?
  2. Every morning he would go for a long walk.
  3. He would have her own way (determination).
  4. I would try my best to help him. (Willingness)
  5. I would like to ask you something.
  6. He says he would like to go with you.
  7. He would rather start now.
  8. I would rather than talk.

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