To Show determination & after, Request and Suggestion.

  1. We shall fight and we shall win.
  2. We shall defend our country whatever cost may be.
  3. Shall I open the door?
  4. Shall I make a cup at tea for you?

To Show command, Promise and threat.

  1. You shall go at once.
  2. He shall carry out my instructions.
  3. You shall get your salary.
  4. He shall be given a reward for this act at bravery.
  5. Does it or you shall be fined?
  6. He shall be dismissed for his conduct.


To show “duty” “moral obligation”  “advice” Compulsion

  1. You should do as he says.
  2. We should respect our Parents
  3. People should not tell lies.
  4. You should keep your Promise.
  5. You should take regular exercise.
  6. I suggest that madam should go.
  7. He should not jump out at a running train.

To show Possibility / Probability, imaginary conditions, Possibility, supposition & Possibility.

  1. India should win the match.
  2. This is a costly watch it should give correct time.
  3. If I were you, I should accept the post.
  4. I should not worry, if I were you.
  5. I should give you the money if I had it.
  6. If it should rain, we will not play the match.
  7. I shall be happy to meet Mukul.
  8. I should be happy to meet Mukul.

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