To Show ability Power, Capacity

  1. I can write English.
  2. Can you lift this box?
  3. She Can Sing & dance

To Show absence of Power and ability

  1. He cannot see you.
  2. She is very busy now.
  3. The blind cannot see.
  4. That is his Permanent disability.

To take & give Permission (for younger)

  1. You can go home now.
  2. She can take money.
  3. Can i come in pleases.
  4. Can she speak for some time?

To show Prohibitition.                 

  1. Students cannot smoke inside the class room.
  2. You cannot travel first class with second class ticket.

To Show request, offer, order, and Possibility.

  1. Can you pass the book?
  2. Can I Join your Company?
  3. Can I carry your bags?
  4. Can I do something for you?
  5. You can clean the floor.
  6. Accidents can happen to anyone.
  7. Storms Can Come anytime.


To Show the ability Power, Capacity (In Past)                    

  1. When he was young he could sing very well.
  2. She could recite the Ramayan when she was five.
  3. He could read without glass until six months ago.

To Show the ‘Possibility’ and to take Permission.

  1. Could I rest here for an hour?
  2. Could I go home now?
  3. Could I borrow the book for two days?
  4. He asked if he could attend the meeting.

To Show ‘Polite request’ and ‘ability’

  1. Could you Show me the way?
  2. Could you pass the chair?
  3. Could you tell me the time?
  4. Could you put out your cigarette Please?
  5. She was able to recite the Ramayana when she was five.
  6. They were able to complete the work.

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