Mercedes Benz emerging leaders vows to change world through one innovation at a time

It was a time when the Founder of Mercedes Benz “Karl Benz” has lost the motivation and sadly his invention kept on failing.  His beloved wife, “ Bertha Benz” came as a support system to him giving him emotional and professional support in his need of hour. She took the steering in her hand and took the first Mercedes Benz on the road.

It takes courage to be a woman and an innovative leader demands full dedication passion and just full confidence to tackle every difficult situation and this is exactly what Karl Benz did.  She tried to gave the world a glimpse of her own concept of “ Emerging Leaders” which is in reality a  true reflection of her own female empowerment story.

MERCEDES BENZ is always keen to honour her female leaders today. The concept of “Emerging Leaders” had spread across various fields be it doctors serving in the most underprivileged communities to public interest designers to all female founders and CEOs. The age of all these females are in between 30 to 40 who have taken the vow to change the world with their philanthropic acts and they can serve as role models to inspire others.

Let’s have a look on what advices such innovative leaders  offer to former selves


She says that we must know who we actually are. We should develop the habit of listening others and take wisdom from them but adhere to trust yourself only. As you only know what you are worth of and thus start trusting on your instincts from today only.


She focuses on learning the art of enjoying  and appreciating our present moment and art of slowing down will only add happiness in our life. Our life will  lost the real charm and real satisfaction  if we  get too much  engaged in this  race of money . Everyone needs money to live a standard life but getting involved too much also shows it’s negative impact too.


According to Kim believing in your instincts and your  power and worth will only result in success. We should never ever underestimate our capabilities instead in this mad race of success it has become utmost importance to find your inner quality and make full advantage of it. Keep reminding yourself that you are stronger than you think . Life will always take your exams in every situation but remaining strong from inside will help in increasing your will power and surely you will be able to tackle that situation in more better way.

  • Genevieve Pinto ( Partner of Renewal Funds)

According to him taking more and more risks be it small or big will only land you in path of success. Never shy away from the opportunities that come in your way. There will always be hurdles and problems but your sheer determination and confidence will help you in achieving success.

  • Julie Quenneville ( President of McGill University Health Centre Foundation)

He says an important line that is we should never ever be ashamed of our ambitions. Instead we should be highly proud of our dreams and should start working upon it to make them a reality.

These women are real face of empowerment and they show that your hard work and courage will help you in achieving your goals .

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