MacKenize Bezos: Soon to be one of the richest woman in world

MacKenize Bezos is a writer and famous worldwide for being the wife of the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. She had grew up in San Francisco and graduated from Princeton University in 1992 And had met Jeff Bezos during an interview that Jeff himself has taken when he was working in D.E. Shaw. Soon both were in love and soon after dating for only three months they were engaged. Their marriage happened in 1993 when MacKenize was just 23 and Jeff 29.

Soon Jeff quitted his boring job to start his own startup not knowing what the future beholds for both of them. The couple moved from New York to Seattle. Their he launched his company out of his garage. Jeff was in love with his wife’s smartness, intelligent and of course about her beauty.

In 2018 his e-commerce Amazon touched $1 Trillion . It was a smooth going both in personal and professional life. Later MacKenize developed interest in writing and started writing novels. She is an Author of two novels : “ The Testing of Luther Albright” ( published in 2005) and “ Traps” ( published in 2013). Apart from writing she has also founded the anti- bullying organization Bystander Revolution in 2014.  This organization goal is to spread the  simple habits of kindness, courage and inclusion. It’s website offers solution and suggestions on how a common person can tackle issues of bullying happening to him or her in daily life.

The couple’s personal life has been in news for while. As per the twitter post of MacKenize the couple had decided to dissolve their 25 years of marriage. The couple had headed for divorce and according to CNBC media report, the settlement will leave her with huge amount of roughly $35.6 Billion in Amazon Stock therefore making her fourth richest woman in world .

MacKenize also informed through her twitter handle that she is  willingly happy to give her soon to be ex husband 75 percent of the couple’s stock in Amazon which also include all of her interest in The Washington Post and Blue Origin . She declares her divorce to be a peaceful one and thanks Jeff for such great and wonderful past. She is looking forward in future with Jeff as a co-parents and friends. She is hopeful about the future and wishes for a happy fortune for her and Jeff both.

This divorce settlement will make her the fourth richest woman in the world as per the Bloomberg Ranking. MacKenize is just fourth on list behind L’Oreal heiress Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, Alice Walton ( daughter of Walmart founder Sam Walton) and Mars Inc. co-owner Jacqueline Mars.

The couple has also been getting praise for such a graceful divorce settlement . Earlier in year 2018 both Jeff and MacKenize had decided and announced to donate $2 Billion to a new philanthropic fund that works for homeless families and funds preschools in underserved communities.

We all wish for a better and great future ahead for both of them as the couple has already mentioned in their twitter handle , “ We also see wonderful futures ahead as parents , friends and individuals pursuing ventures and adventures.

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