List of 10 Most Liked Persons on Facebook

Facebook is everyone favourite social app. It provides you insight of person’s personal updates. It keeps you connected to your friends and family.

So just have quick looks on 10 most popular persons on Facebook

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

The professional Portuguese soccer player who is just not famous for his game worldwide but also grabs the top position of having maximum likes on Facebook. He has more than 122.1 million likes. He plays for Italian Club Juventus and holds the captainship of the Portugal National team. He has 27 trophies, five league titles, one UEFA European Championships League adding to his pride.

  • Shakira

She holds the position of second in terms of being most liked person on Facebook. She constantly update about her personal life and has earned 104.6 million likes on Facebook. She is famous Colombian singer but is also a songwriter, dancer, businesswoman and a great philanthropist. Hersongs Waka- Waka and Hips Don’t lie are major hit among her followers.

  • Vin Diesel

Though this Fast and Furious actor is quite famous for his acting skills , he has also garnered huge fame through his self promoting inspirational quote meme in pleasant way. He has got around 101.6 million likes on Facebook.

  • Eminem

He is the every teenager favorite of 2000s and holds a good position on social media platform. She has 90.4 million likes on Facebook. The American Rapper has diversified it’s talent to being songwriter, film producer and fine actor.

  • Leo Messi

The Argentine professional soccer star is a sweet crush of all females worldwide. The Barcelona and Argentina player posts lot of pictures of his game tour and his family pictures which are always jaw dropping and has a whopping 89 million likes on Facebook.

  • Rihanna

Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, Businesswoman and a diplomat. She is the seventh best selling music artist worldwide.

  • Justin Bieber

He is a Canadian singer-songwriter famous worldwide. Interestingly his Facebook posts are bit controversial. He has got 78.7 million likes on his Facebook account. He constantly post selfies, controversial nearly nude mirror pics and some goofy dance videos which manage to get huge likes.

  • Will Smith

His full name is Willard Carroll Smith. He is an American actor and rapper who got the title of “most powerful actor in Hollywood” by Newsweek. His Facebook posts are flooded with his jaw dropping selfies. His Facebook page has around 75.4 million likes.

  • Michael Jackson

An American singer and songwriter and a self made “King of Pop” saddened the world with his death mystery in year 2009. Though he is no more with us but his Facebook page has been continuously uploaded with his throwback pics of his golden time period. His Facebook page has 75 million likes.

  • Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift regarded as one of the world’s leading contemporary recording artists and also the burning topic in media because of her personal is also quite famous on Facebook. She has got 74 million likes

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