Learn the favourite productivity hacks of super successful Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett

There is no denying of the fact that our hard work is the only key to our success but it must be noticed that in today’s fast going pace of life we need something more than hard work.

At time there is requirement of being more productive and profitable that too without making much effort and hard work.

This may sound unrealistic you but with effective strategy and planning you can easily do this.


According to “Warren Buffett” , “ if you don’t have passion you don’t have energy and if you lack energy you just end up having nothing”.  He believes in in the golden rule of his that is 5/25 rule which means that in your 25 important goals you need to figure out the most important 5 goals you. This way you can easily know what are your main priority and which goals fall under the category of less importance. He then makes sure that he complete his foremost important goals before achieving his secondary goals.


The famous worldwide personality is known for smart work tactics. He knows to make best out of time . He religiously chooses and follow the method of only doing email. He dislikes and never waste hi time on any random phone or video calls until and unless it is meant to get him paid. His this habit helps him to take control of his schedule and it ultimately leads to no interruptions at all.


The famous personality is quite realistic in his life and believes that success at time works as a lousy teacher to people as it make them believe that they will never lose in future.

He suggests to get two monitors , one for your daily work and other monitor which is solely dedicated to email conversation. This method helps you in getting your important emails as when required without losing your place on what you are working on.


He goes by his thumb rule of never ever attending the meetings that have so many people. According to him presence of more people will only lead to talking and shouting without reaching any satisfactory result. He never attend such meetings in order to save his precious time.


The Facebook founder’s working style is little different from other businessmen. He believes in completion of doing all the easy tasks as these will actually help you in making progress. He says that once you achieve your easy target it helps in boosting up your confidence and will give you a sense of accomplishment to do achieve more success.


He has once given an interview and shared that he has a habit of making and jotting down on sheet of paper and writing what can his company do in next one year and literally shutting down everything else. He believes in giving priority on the important things only and ignoring such stuffs that will not help in achieving his ultimate goal.

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