Konark Famous Place in Orissa

Konark is a very famous place in Orissa, which is become popular from its Sun Temple and a World Heritage Site. The name Konark is derived from the Sanskrit word Kona (meaning angle) and Arka (meaning sun) in reference to the temple which was dedicated to the Sun god Surya.


Konark is the place situated in the Puri district of the Orissa state, India at a distance of around 65 km from Bhubaneswar and 35 km from Puri.


At the time of Mahammad Ghori, Orissa was raided several times by Muslims, but Hindu kings of Orissa could resist them definitely for a longer period.

By the middle of the 13th century, when the Muslims had conquered the whole of the northern India and most parts of neighbouring Bengal, there was hardly any power which could check their advance and it was thought that the Hindu Kingdom of Orissa would soon overrun by them.

Fair and Festivals

Konark Dance Festival- An ideal choice for not the monuments, beaches and scenic beauties only but Konark is also well for its colourful festivals. Eminent classical dancers from all over the country get together from Dec. 1 to Dec. 5 to pay tribute to a master piece in stone- Sun temple at Konark.

The Chandrabhaga mela or Magh Saptami mela held in the month of February is a grand religious festival.

Chaitra Prabha in March-April is the regional harvest festival celebrated with colourful tribal dances, including Chau.

Tourist Attractions

Sun temple is very famous in Konark as a World Heritage Site. The structure of the temple resembles a colossal chariot, with 24 wheels, pulled by seven straining horses, and has a three-tiered pyramidal roof topped off by a fine spire. The sun Go’s chariot also represents the seven days of the week and the 24 hours of the day.

The museum of the Archaeological survey of India is just outside the temple enclosure. There is the many status and sculptures from the ruins of the Sun Temple.

Konark beach is also attractive place in Konark, which is situated at a 3 km distance from temple. It has very beautiful sceneries and picturesque sights.

Best time to Visit

Konark is situated near the Sea because of the close the sea, the climate of Konark is very pleasant. The best months October and March for visit there. With greenery surrounding the place, rainfall is heavy in Konark.

How to Reach

By Air- there is nearest airport are Bhubaneswar and Puri.

By Rail-Bhubaneswar and Puri is nearest railhead which is well connected with the major cities of India.

By Road- road of Konark is connected to Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata and Baijapur. Local transportations are also available for the intercity drive too.

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