Khiching famous place in Orissa

Khiching is a small village in Orissa which is considered as a home of Maa Kichakeshwari Devi. It was built from Black stone. The architectural and sculptural ruins recovered from this site indicate that it must have been a major center of civilization around the 8th   to 12th centuries AD.


Khiching is located in the district Mayurbhanj in the Eastern state Orissa.


The name Khiching is a corruption of Khijjinga or Khijjinga-kota, the capital of early Bhaja rulers. The ruins of this ancient magnificent town extend far beyond the limits of the present village from the bank of the Khairabandhan River in the north to that of the Kantakhair River in the south. Due to its geographical situation and political role, it experienced varied cultural influence and contacts. Such influences and contacts guided the course of development of the art of Khiching.

Tourist attractions

Khiching Museum- it is the most attractive museum in Khiching. It is the oldest museum of town run by the district culture office, is in dire straits because of government apathy. The area outside the museum where the artefacts are kept is covered with bushes and plants.

Viratgarh Fort- there is ruins of two fortified palaces of Khiching. The more extensive one on the river Khairabandhan is now known as Viratgar. These forts apparently served as the royal residences of the ancient Bhanja rulers.

Kichakeswari temple- one of the famous temple in Khiching, it is the old photographs of the site indicate that there were merely enormous masses of fallen stones lying in mounds in different parts of site.

This is small town so travellers came easily visit every place in a day.

Best time to Visit

People can be visited all throughout the year. And best time to visit in month of October and March, on this time the weather of the place is very pleasant and become easy to visit there.

How to Reach

By Air- Khiching does not have own airport and nearest airport is Bhubaneswar and Biju Patnaik, at the distance of around 35 km from the town.

y Rail the nearest railway station to Khiching in Badampahar and Baleshwar which is far from Khiching.

By Road- khiching by road is well connected to all the prime towns of Orissa. Regular private and state run buses are available for Khiching from Keonjhar and Baripada.



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