Kanyakumari is the very famous destination place in southern tip of the India’s mainland. The name of town held from the Hindu goddess Kanyakumari, who has a temple dedicated to her here. It is home to another unique geographical phenomenon that allows you to witness the sunrise and sunset at the same beach.


Kanyakumari district located in southern tip of Indian state Tamil Nadu, where three oceans meet- the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea.


This pilgrim center derives its name from the goddess Kanyakumari, to whom the temple is dedicated. According to legend, goddess Parashakti, in one of her incarnations as Devi Kanya, did penance here to secure shiva’s hand in marriage. As she could not achieve her ambition, she vowed to remain a Kanya ever after.

During the early part of the eight century AD Islam entered the southern part of India through the sea route with traders and missionaries. During the British Rule, Kanyakumari has bestowed the dry title of Cape Comorin, necessitated perhaps by the Englishmen’s inability to pronounce local names.

Tourist Attractions

Thirualluvar Statue- this is a stone statue which is 133 feet high including the pedestal. Thirualluvar statue is one of the most famous attractions of Kanyakumari which was open for general public access on the first day of the new millennium that is January 1, 2000.

Vivekananda’s Rock Memorial- this is most visiting place in Kanyakumari. It is the memorial of Swami Vivekananda, symbol of the untied aspiration of Nation. In the memorial, there is a happy and harmonious blend of all the architectural beauty of the country.

Bay Watch Park- it is the very attractive place for tourists, because they get experience of unlimited fun, thrill and excitement. There are many water rides, Columbus Ride, multiple splashes, kids’ pool etc.

Kanyakumari Beach- Kanyakumari beach is a beautiful sight with multi-coloured sand. The beach here does not really offer one the opportunity to sunbathe on soft golden sands, or to frolic in the waves either.

Place around Kanyakumari

Vattakottai is an 18th century fort overlooking the sea, located six km from Kanyakumari.

The Coutallam Fall (137 km) is perched at a height of 167m. Its water is believed to contain medicinal properties.

The Udaygiri Fort (34km), built by King Marthanda Varma, has a foundry for casting guns. The king’s trusted European general De Lennoy’s grave is located within this fort.

Best time to Visit

Kanyakumari has pleasant weather in throughout the year. Best months to visit in the city are October to march.

How to Reach

By Air- Trivandrum airport is the nearest airport from the city, at the 80 km distance away. It is well connected with major cities of India.

By Rail- Tirunelvelli is the nearest railway station. The city is connected with lots of state through rail networks.

By Road- Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari Road Transport Corporation offer regular buses to almost all the major cities of South India.

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