In this fast moving world where technology is taking it’s toll over everything we have gradually lost the habit of reading. We no more love to read. It seems a headache to us and if asked to memorise or remember what you have read it becomes a hell job for us. Most of us suffer from the problem of forgetting what we read just times back.

Let’s see how we can resolve this issue of remembering what we read:-

  • Read what interests you

The process of remembering can become lot more easy if you start to read topics, articles of your interest area. If a thing you read excites you then chances of remembering gradually increases. Start your initial readings with small articles, stories and gradually shift to novels, newspapers. Make your reading habit a fun activity where your thirst for knowledge increases. This wills slowly our vocabulary power and we will develop interest in reading. Don’t ever jump to the highly intellectual book as you just can’t force your mind to read. Interest for reading comes from within.

  • Increase your visual imagination

It may sounds strange but actually visually imagining what you read will help you a lot in memorizing it. Visual imagination capability differs from person to person. Visualize what you read. Make an imaginary picture of every character you read. For example if you read of a character that has a particular physical trait creates something visually in your mind similar to that physical trait. Remembering becomes lot more easily then. Make a scene in your mind of the incident you are reading. This will help you retaining what you have just read.

  • The art of correlation

It means correlating the things which you already know with the things you read. The more use of mental connections in form of prior information while we read upon a particular stuff will help us in recalling what we have read.

  • Art of writing

In order to memorize what we have read learn the habit of writing what you read. Writing helps and improves our recalling process. You must have noticed that while we were in kindergarten there was immense focus on cursive writing. The habit of writing helps us to learn the things we read. It basically improves our way of expression.

  • Mnemonic

Mnemonic is the process which is customised in order to increase our memory power where we use different patterns of letters, ideas , encodings. For example in the name mnemonic we use 1st letter of every word in such a way in form of name of person or things to remember the things easily like to remember the names of colours of rainbow we use “Vigour” as mnemonic.

  • Meditation

The practice of mediation leads to calmness and paves way for enlightenment. Increase your meditation duration. This will increase your power of concentration and will help you to memorize more what you have read.

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