How to forget pain and live happy life again.

There are times in everyone’s lives that feel like the darkest phase. A place you will never get out of. And it’s okay to cry. To vent your heart out. To struggle through it all. To be vulnerable. But once that phase passes, it is also okay to forget it all. It is important to forget, to move ahead and never look back. You must let go. You need to forget about your broken heart- the times you felt that you were not good enough. You are allowed to cry your heart out, but once you are done, you need to move on for good. Because it does not add value to your life to hold on to such negativity. Pick up the pieces of your broken heart, put them back together, and be your own knight in shining armour. Believe that your heart has healed, and you will feel happy again. Let your heart sing again!

All the anger, the rejection, the pain- it is in the past. There is no reason it should continue to affect you, deter your progress. If you keep holding on to it and carrying the baggage, it will only hurt you more. And do not spend a minute worrying about how you will manage without them. You have lived through so many struggles, fought against so many low points in life, then what’s there to worry now? You are a warrior! You can start over this minute, and you will do well. You are stronger than you believe and smarter than you think. All you need to do is forget and let go of what is hurting you.

Here is how to forget and live a happy life again.

Remember your strength.

Instead of focusing on all the pain you felt, focus on the lesson you have learned. Dwelling on the heartbreak makes it even more difficult to forget while focusing on the wisdom you have gained makes you see it in a positive light. It makes you feel okay about the wrong that happened to you and gives you the strength to move forward with a new vision. Think of the people who helped you and loved you through this phase. Think of the truth you learned of. And most of all, appreciate yourself for your own strength and resilience. In spite of all the adversity, you are living and you are growing. Tell yourself how much you love your own soul! And don’t give up hope. For there are bad people in the world, but the good ones outnumber them!

Remember the ways you pulled yourself back together when your world was crumbling down.

Give credit to yourself for all the nights you spent crying but got back on your feet in the morning. Remind yourself of the struggles you went through on your own, all by yourself and emerged as a winner. And even if you did not win, you learned a ton of lessons which will stay with you throughout your life. Remember your own power. Tell yourself that you are fierce. Remember your ability to prevail. Forget the letdowns, focus on the new avenues that it unfolded. The new doors that opened, the new talents you had to discover to find another way to live, the new mentality you had to adapt to survive. How you learned to believe in yourself again, how you learned to stand tall in front of those who demeaned you and how you found where you truly belong or where you think you belong because of your mistakes or your failures. Often, the wrong decisions in life put us exactly on the right path.

Remember the people who had your back during the difficult times.

Even when life seemed unbearable, even when you had given up on yourself, there were people who did not give up on you. They held your hand, offered you their love and support. Their kind words made your tough days better. Your heart was breaking, but their love helped you to pick up the broken pieces and put them back together. These are people who did not go away when others turned their back on you. So forget about the people who hurt you and focus on these people, who loved you the same throughout the mess. They can be your friends or family. Have faith that whatever happens is for the best and it was the Universe’s plan all along to put these people in your path. If someone leaves, wish them the best. Don’t stay bitter and let them go. Cherish the ones who stay. Forget the rejection, focus on the redirection. The better plans God had for you, the supportive people God brought into your life. You cannot make anyone stay who isn’t meant to be in your life. Often people come in your life for a defined time period and its okay to let them go when they have fulfilled their purpose. The ones who are meant to stay will not need any convincing. They will just be there with you. Have faith!

Remember the times when things were great and went as per your wishes.

When you were heading down the mistaken path, headed towards the wrong – and something made you stop along the way. Remember that it takes but a moment for everything to change for the better – for your stars to align and for your path to reroute itself. Know that the best things in life are often unexpected, and no phase ever lasts forever. So you may be sad and low right now, but the next moment you might stumble upon something extraordinary that will make your life great. Let that hope never die. Your defeat always has something positive to offer. It might help you find yourself, find your calling, or simply teach you how powerful you are. Stop worrying about the end result and enjoy the journey. Live in the moment, enjoy all that life has to offer.

Remember love.

The love that you had for yourself, for the people around you, for the future – when everything else was falling apart. Remember strength – the resilience you showed in the face of every challenge that tried to break you. Remember the beauty, the veracity, the amazement of every moment that took your breath away, in the years after you thought that you’d never be happy again. Because 6 months ago you thought you wouldn’t survive what was going on but you did, so you will get through whatever is troubling you even right now. There is no doubt about it!

Forget all of the pain of the past, and remember that life goes on. Because when all the stakes are down, it’s the only thing worth hanging onto.

Pain is inevitable, we can never run away from it for too long but we can always take what it taught us and leave the hurt behind. We can take the lessons and forget the losses.

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