How to Become a Motivational Speaker

Everyone has dream to become a successful person in different-different field in their life. They have different dreams and aims, some people see their future in doctor or engineer and others. But some people see their future in speaking field.In the course of deciding a career path for yourself, whether you are just out of school or deciding on a career change after year in one particular field. You may find that you enjoy getting people motivated to succeed. If this is the case, then you may want to consider becoming a motivational speaker.There are so many ways to become a motivational speaker. There are companies you can try to get into that will help you to find motivational speaking work, but it is also possible to start your motivational speaking career on your own.

There are some steps to become a great motivational speaker.


Step 1. Remove fear to speak in public area.

Firstly you should remove your hesitation to speak in front of others, public area. Speak whatever you thought about that thing but you should to know your view must be legal and logical and give clear view which is easy to understand. Use some different line to express your view, which can impressive. You give your view in positive way.


Step 2.  Think Positive

   You get any view of others you should be find positive side of their view. U should keep positive thinking and try to teach good side of the thing. Become a great speaker you can also gain public speaking experience by joining your local toastmasters international club whether they teach you how to keep positive thinking and how to become a good speaker.


Step 3. Find successful motivators.

  Find someone who is already successful in the motivational speaking business and ask that person to be your mentor. Becoming a successful motivational speaker requires experience in the field public speaking and learn something new from their experience. Find someone who will take you under his/her wing and show you how to become a successful motivational speaker.


Step 4. Write your own views/ book

  Take and understand others view on any particular thing. After that write book about that thing according to  your thoughts and share your life experience and how those experience help others. Motivational speakers need something to credibility to what they are saying, and having a publishing book to reference can help you to gain that credibility. There are many companies that offer book publishing services and can help you publish and distribute your book for a fee.


Step 5. Conduct your seminars.

  Begin networking within the business community and start own seminars. Offer to speak for free at gathering such as chamber of commerce functions or offer local businesses your services for free in return for a letter of recommendation. Offer free copies of your book as a reference for people and keep track of everyone you give a book to, and keep continue your seminars or public gathering. In seminars you meet lots of people and give chance to them to keep their thought of that thing. After that you tell them your own point of views towards that thing in a logical or positive side.In order to jump- start your career as a motivational speaker. You will need to start off by giving your services away.


Step 6. Spread your thoughts/ book in social site.

  At last search the way to spread your thoughts or your books in large scale. Get seen on television. More than likely there are local cable access programs that your cable companies produce. Offer to come on to one of those shows to discuss your book and ask it they would accept an opinion column from you to be publishing. Create accounts on every social networking website .you can find on the internet and keep them updated constantly. The idea here is to get your name out as much as possible and to get people talking about them.

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