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One of the most difficult parts of job application success can be the sheer number of candidates competing for a single position. And, the riskiest part is, a large amount of their experience and skill set will be similar to yours. If you’re competing against a crowd of people with largely similar CV’S and applications, the interview process becomes even more important. Thus, standing out from the crowd is a key factor in getting the job of your dreams. So here are broad job interview behaviors that will make you fade into the background and should thus be avoided at all costs.

1) Not asking questions

Your interview process is not an inquisition, it should be more like a conversation. Imagine a conversation where you didn’t ask the other person a single question. You’d appear rude, preoccupied and disinterested. Also important is asking the right questions, so try to get a feel for the company culture and how things work there.

2) Reciting answers

Rehearsing certain good answers is a great way to prepare. But if you rehearse so much that it seems like you’re just reading answers from a paper, rather than interacting with your interviewer, it can make you seem robotic and less personable. Don’t cram your answers!

3) Random usage of cliche words

If you have studied the job description, you’ll likely see a few points that it’s clear the interviewer will want you to hit. But simply reciting what you think they want to hear may actually work to your disadvantage. Instead, it’s a much better idea to validate how your experience and skill set fit in with the ideal candidate you’re looking for. For example, simply saying that you are a “great team player” with no evidence to back it up is an immediate no-no.

4) Not having anything different about you

A sure-shot way to not be remembered is to have no interesting or special aspect to your interview. Everyone has a distinguishing trait which can help them to stand out from the crowd, so find out what yours is and play on it. Show the interviewer you’re a person, not just a candidate, and they’re much more likely to remember you.

5) Being polite rather than friendly

As a job applicant, you are aware that appearing competent in the interview is the surest way of securing that job. But what you don’t know is that appearing like able is just as important.When you build rapport with the interviewer, you are certifying that you stay on their mind during the decision-making process.A majority of the time, the person interviewing you is likely to be your future line manager or someone you will closely work with so it’s just as important to them that they pick a candidate who they believe will be a good addition to the team.So keep smiling, crack jokes and if you find out that you have something in common with the interviewer, make use of that opportunity.

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