Five different breaks you must take.

The thought of taking a break often tempts us and makes us guilty at the same time. There is always so much to do, so many targets to accomplish, so many goals to reach and so on! It takes a toll on us and we feel like we are not being productive enough. When you are feeling low over something like this, take a break. When you don’t get the job, or when your job sucks the life out of you, take a break. When going through a rough patch in your relationship, take a break. When it feels like you are lost, take a break. When you cannot choose between options, give yourself a break. When you are struggling to stay motivated, take a break! Just take a break and relax. Things will fall into place eventually.

Here are five different breaks you should take- Starting today!

A break from work.

You’re allowed to move at your own pace. You’re allowed to follow your own timeline instead of letting people rush you into accomplishing things by a certain age. You’re allowed to take your time to figure out what you want in life, who you want to be and what will make you happy. You’re allowed to break the rules. You’re allowed to be the black sheep. You’re allowed to have a job that satisfies you even if people don’t really value it. You’re allowed to find your own value away from people’s demands and expectations. So when work overwhelms you and makes you feel like you want to quit, take a break. Just take time off and figure things out.

A break from relationships that don’t make your heart happy.

You’re allowed to give your heart a break. You don’t have to be in a relationship just because you’ve been single for a long time and you don’t have to stay in the wrong relationship just because you’re afraid of starting over. You’re allowed to take your time to find the right person and the right relationship even if it means waiting while everyone is getting married. You’re allowed to say ‘no’ to the wrong person and say ‘no’ to your friends and parents when they tell you that you should lower your standards or pressure you into being with someone you don’t see a future with.

A break to travel.

Traveling isn’t about going on this across-the-world adventure that costs thousands of dollars. Sometimes it’s as simple as going to a new town, a new city, a sliver of the world that you haven’t yet explored. Traveling is freeing. It’s allowing yourself to be molded, shaped, and transformed by a place that isn’t your home. It’s seeing that the world is so limitless, so inviting, beyond what you’ve always known. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from the rut of daily life and travel. Traveling teaches. It teaches you about the world, but maybe even more importantly, it teaches you about yourself. Your strengths, your limits, your patience, your street-smarts, your ability to think on your feet, your compassion, your love for others, your openness, your confidence, and your connectedness with what’s around you. Traveling helps you find your passions.

A break to take a nap.

Its only Tuesday and you feel like it has been a long week. You feel tired and disconnected. You deserve a nap. And you’re gonna get that nap. Just make it through. Some days are for relaxing and letting time slide by. And it is absolutely fine! Netflix and your pillow are expecting you.

A break to exercise.

Sometimes the best way to take a break is to take a few minutes from your day and dedicate them to exercise! It helps you get your metabolism going, helps you feel awake during the day, and gives you more time after work for your social/ personal life. This is one break that actually will lead to greater productivity. So go ahead, take a break and exercise!

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