Festivals in Ladakh

The festival season make as happy because it gives a different feeling and experiments. In India there are number of interesting place where festivals are celebrate with full of customs and tradition. Ladakh is one of them; where festivals are celebrate with lots of fun, happiness and with tradition.In Ladakh, organised various festivals on the occasion of birth, marriage and commemoration of head Lamas who found the monasteries, harvesting, flowering and Losar or New Year.The winter season is most lovely time of them because this season hosts more ladakhi festivals. Winter season is best time as comparison to the summer season. On the occasion of festivals ladakhi people perform masked dance and folk songs by the monks in vibrant silk garments and feasting are some of the highlights of the festivals.

Most of the festivals are organised in the monasteries and their courtyards where dance-dramas are easily performed.

Dosmochey Festival

Dosmochey festival comes in the month of May. It is celebrated in Leh, Nubra Valley’s monastery and Liker, the one at Leh is the most popular. It is celebrated to ensure the safety and well-being of people living there.


Losar festival they celebrate as a New Year for them and welcoming the New Year with open arms and it is mostly celebrate in month of December as per the Tibetan calendar. Losar is celebrated for 15 days, with the main celebrations on the first three days. On the first day of Losar, a beverage called changkol, second day if Losar is known as King’s Losar. This festival captivate to tourist towards ladakh in the festivals time.

Hemis Tsechu

It is another most important festival in Ladakh. On this occasion all Lama (teachers) of Hemis monastery perform a special type of dance where they use colours mask and worn fine silk costumes by the dancers. In this dance they represent guardian divinities to which Hemis belongs. Every dance move has relevance and depicts the magical feats of Padmasambhava.

Tak-Tok festival

Celebrate in a cave gompa of Tak Tok in the season of summer. It is consider most important festival in Ladakh. This festival acts a junction to bring the people closer.

Ladakh Harvest Festival

This Harvest Festival celebrated during the month of September. Ladakhi music, folk dance, and people looks in colourful ladakhi traditional dress to represents the tradition of the ladakh harvest festival on the street. The festivities continue till 15 days with full vigour and excitement in the whole region. Wedding ceremonies, archery, theatre music all are a part of this festival.

Sindhu Darshan festival

Sindhu Darshan mostly organised in month of June, which is continue for 3 days. The venue of this festival is banks of River Indus. It pays respect to Indian soldiers who laid their lives fighting with the human enemies as well as natural disasters. During the celebration, Indian artists of different castes, regions and religions perform their traditional dances.

Yuru Kabgyat festival

The very popular Lamayuru monastery becomes the venue for the festival of Yuru Kabgyat in the month of July. This festival also celebrated for 2 days, with mask dance by monks who also organize prayers and some other rituals in order to get riddance from disasters and bring peace on the earth.

Apart from these festivals, there are so many festivals are celebrated in Ladakh including Stok Guru Tsechu festival, Phyang Tsedup festival, Matho Nagrang festival etc. all these festivals are increase excitement and attract to tourist and the best destination place to enjoy perfect vacations.

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