Entrepreneurial do 7 Things Differently

Entrepreneurship is a mindset, an attitude and lifestyle adopted by people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.They are discovering ideas and do different things from others. We ever find the reason of why there is just one Steve job, one Mark Zuckerberg, one Bill Gates, one Dhiru Bhai Ambani or other famous successful entrepreneur. When we start a business, first we look up to these successful people, but ever we thought why they are only we are not, dream to become like one of them. Why we not think become successful and give different story to audience.Initially they were just you and me; they had also dreams in the wide- open eyes. But they try, try and try after that they come from brand name in world.

Their attitude towards their life or their dreams is quite being different from other. We all have dream but our attitude in not same like them. There are aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset that will enrich your work and life. Here 7 things entrepreneurship people do differently.

They believe themselves and their dreams.

A successful entrepreneur has lots of dream as normal person but a normal person thinks “How” to achieve their dreams. But an entrepreneur first clears his “why”. Why he wants to fulfill his dream after that he easily find the answer “how” he does.They are believed on themselves and their dreams and find the way to get success. They take a lot of bravery to make that trade off, but for icons, the potential reward is worth it.

They never wait for miracle, discover ideas.

Entrepreneurs neither wait for any miracle nor pray to God for miracle. They do work according to their own wish or own ideas. They believe their ideas or creativity which can be become miracle for other. They belief on hard work to discover new innovation or ideas not wait for other’s help.

Keep Patience and never give up

No one can achieve their dreams in first try. Even our successful entrepreneur also not becomes successful in first try. But they had patience and had believed to achieve goal after failures. Entrepreneurs like the failure because after failure they innovate something new. They never give up from their goal, only focus and dedication and ideas is just starting point.Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, a spoken word poet and the founder of Production Company, believe this level of persistence is a critical element of entrepreneurship. They keep working towards it until it becomes real.

Own Boss

An entrepreneur is their own boss. They not make their master or boss, only believe in they are boss of their. They make their mentor but only for take experience, get experience they find something new in those experiences and introduce something new. They like to do according to them.

They think of their customers more than themselves

Entrepreneurs rarely seek reason to fame for themselves. Instead, they’re more concerned with people they want to help or the problem they want to solve. APE- Author – entrepreneur, former apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki  write- in your darkest most frustrated hours, remember the value you are trying to add to people lives, the satisfaction you’ll feel, or the course that you’ll further.

they never stop learning

since they’re start to work on their dream or business they never stop learning in any stage  even after become successful, they continue keep learning and try to find out something new. They know that the most important lessons are learned through living, so throughout their lives, they remain open flexible and curious in order to absorb as much as possible.

Here we use a line of Mahatma Gandhi ji- live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you          were to live forever. Most of the entrepreneur adopts this line and they continue their learning.

Think different, do different

An entrepreneur thinks different to do work and do different from other. They also start from the same think but make result different with others.


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