Energy Boosting foods for a Productive day at work

The monotony of work life depletes our energy tanks extremely fast. And in times like these, we turn to coffee. But too many cups a day are not good for our health. And neither are snacks like deep-fried foods or sugary stuff like candies. Having a nutrient-rich snack that’s low in sugar and saturated fat will ensure your body has the fuel to keep going so you can easily complete all of your daily tasks. Eating carbs alone contributes to body fat. Adding a bit of fat and protein to that mix slows the rate at which carbs are absorbed by the body and leads to a steadier lift in blood sugar levels.

Here are some energy boosting foods for having a productive day at work.

Fresh fruits. There is no option healthier than fruits. Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and good carbs, which give you quick energy and keep you awake. Choose any fruit you like — bananas, apples, and oranges are easy to carry along with you since they don’t need refrigeration. Berries, while not as handy, are also a great option, and are considered lower sugar fruits.

Nuts and dry fruits. A mixture of nuts, dried fruits and pieces of dark chocolates is also great because it is an easy-to-tote snack and loaded with energy. It gives you a long-lasting boost and offers great health benefits especially for hair, skin, and nails. Almonds and walnuts are the best options.

Popcorn! One of the tastiest items on this list is some good old popcorn. Get poppin’ to put some pep back in your step. It is a good snack because it gives you volume and fiber (which makes you feel full) and is low in calories. Another big plus is that it is really easy to prepare!

Smoothies. Your snacks need not necessarily be chewable foods. But whipping up a smoothie is a quick and easy way to give yourself a jolt without hitting the caffeine. Smoothies contain fruit, milk, protein, immune-boosting yogurt, and other nutritious ingredients. Make for yourself an Orange Dream Creamsicle or a Blueberry and banana shake or any other you like and carry it to work in your cute mason jar.

Eggs. These are not just great for breakfast, but also a superb option for some mid-day snacking. Eggs are the best source of rich protein that you can find and they also make your stomach feel full. Boiled eggs are a healthy snack. Also, If you are looking to cut down on the calories, you can use egg whites.

Roasted Chickpeas. A very traditional Indian kind of snack option is roasted chickpeas. Simply season rinsed and drained chickpeas with olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper, and throw them in a 450-degree oven for about 15 minutes. Do these in large batches and you can store them for long periods of time for use. Carry these to work and munch away whenever the hunger pangs strike.

Yogurt with fruit or cereal. Oats, greek yogurt, and milk are no less than a magic potion. If you are not a big fan of oats, then have yogurt with your favorite cereal. And if neither of these seems appealing enough, you could just have yogurt with freshly sliced fruits.

So ditch that bag of chips the next time you feel hungry at work, and eat something healthier instead.

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