Cochin is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian headland in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala, hailed as ‘God Own Country’. In Cochin, dawn is not often a thing of breathtaking beauty, but just a careless smear of tinted light where sea and sky unite.


Cochin is located on the west of India in the beautiful state of Kerala. The city can be regarded as the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala.


From many Centuries, Cochin was the center of spicy trade in the country such as pepper and pearls, fine silks, cotton, honey, oil, cinnamon leaf etc.

For centuries, Cochin was the battleground of European powers for the mastery of the lucrative trade of the Indian west coast. The fortunes of political power in Cochin were dictated by pepper. The Portuguese were the first to come in.

To the Portuguese must go the credit for the extensive scientific cultivation of coconut, ginger, and pepper, backbone of Kerala’s economy today. Tobacco, cashew nut, and fruit cultivation were also introduced. They were also responsible for today’s burgeoning trade in coir.

It fell to the lot of an Admiralty Engineer Sir Robert Bristow to envision this “marvel of engineering”. It was not an easy task for Bristow to construct a port in these serendipitous surroundings.

Fairs and Festivals

Cochin Carnival- if there is one festival the whole of Kochi impatiently awaits every year, then it’s the Cochin Carnival held in the last week of December. Fort Kochi is decked up like a bride and tourists, not from within the country, but also outside, flock to this lovely port city to participate in the revelry.

Jewish Festivals- There is many theories pertaining to the migration of Jews to the Cochin city of Kerala. As per one such belief, the people of the Jewish community migrated to this port city in the first century after the second temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in the 72 AD.

Thalapoli Mahotshavam of Ponneth Devi Kshethram is held every year in the Malayalam month of Makara Masam, which usually falls around the month of February. The Thalapoli festival begins on pooruruttathi and concludes on Bharani and the five days of puja functions take place in a very grand style.

Tourist Attractions

Fort Kochi- Since Fort Cochin was under the possession of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British at different points of time, the region still bear the influence of European architecture.

Bolghatty Palace- The splendid Bolghatty Palace is located on the Bolghatty Islands, in the Cochin city of Kerala. Set in the middle of a fabulous garden, the palace has slowly metamorphosed into an esteemed heritage hotel. With the spectacular backwaters of Cochin as the background, the scenery around the palace is simply breathtaking.

St. Francis’ Church is deemed the landmark of Cochin. The most magnificent pageant enacted here was the burial Vasco da Gama in was to be a temporary resting place for this “armed interloper”.

The Parishath Thampuram Museum in Ernakulum has a large collection of 19th-century oil paintings, oil coins, sculptures, mughal paintings, and temple models.

Best time to Visit

Best month during October to April to visit Cochin. The daytime temperature would average around 32 degree C, whereas, the night’s would be around 20 degree C. The period between June and September invariably experiences heavy monsoon.

How to Reach

By Air- There are Indian Airlines and Jet Airways direct services to Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Goa, Bangalore, and Trivandrum from Cochin.

By Rail- Cochin is connected by rail to most of the important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai.

By Road- Cochin is connected by road with major centers in India.

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