Chennai is the one of four metropolitan cities of India and the capital of the Tamil Nadu. Formerly it is known as Madras and nick named “The Detroit of India”, which is very famous for its culture, tradition and education in all over country. There are so many heritage sites for exploring the history of city. Chennai is among the most visited Indian cities by foreign tourists. This city is the mixture of both modern and tradition values.


Chennai is very popular city in the world, which is situated in southern cost of India in Northern part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The average elevation of the city is 6.7 metres while the highest point in the city is at 60 m.


The history of Chennai illustrates that the city is about 400 years old and is also the 36th metropolitan city all across the world. The historical past of the city begins from the ancient rulers which were there in south India through colonization to the development in the 20th century. The kapleeshwarar temple, the Pallava Port and the Parthasarathi Temple of the 7th century are the effervescent facts to prove that the Chennai city has been present since the time immemorial. The city was ruled by all the well-known dynasties of South India such as the Pallavas, the Cholas, the Pandyas and the Vijaynagar kingdom. However, it was in the beginning of the 16th century that things started to shape up for the future.

Fairs and Festivals

Chennai has a marvellous traditional culture marked by commemoration of several festivals and fairs, these festivals provide respite from the humdrum of the city and are looked forward to, by both the residents as well as the tourists.

Pongal- Pongal, the harvest festival of South India, known as an Indian version of western ‘thanksgiving’ festival, is one of the major festivals celebrated in the Chennai city of India. It is celebrated in month of January; the festival marks the end of the traditional farming season and represents reverence for the new beginning.

Natyanjali Dance Festival- the ‘Cosmic Dancer’ Lord Nataraja is paid special tribute, every year, on the tremendous occasion of Natyanjali Festival held in Chidambaram, near the city of Chennai.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu celebrates several other festivals with full dun and fervour. These festivals include Arubathimoovar, Mamallapuram and many others.

Tourist Attractions

Fort St. George- Built by the British East India Company in 1640, Fort St. George was the first fortress in India founded in the year 1644. It houses the famous St Mary’s Church, a museum and Wellesley House. It is a very prominent landmark in Chennai and owing to its historical reference; the fort is looked upon by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India).

Kapaleeshwar Temple- this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati, the temple is a marvel of beauty and architecture. Many pilgrims come here just to pull the vehicle and consider this action as auspicious.

Marina Beach- a place where you can feel yourself close to nature and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. It is a suitable place where you can release your tiredness of a busy day. Marina Beach is the 2nd longest beach in the world.

Jain Temple- the Jain temple is completely different from the temple in the city. The temple holds beautiful sculptures of Lord Mahavira, tirinthkarad and Lord Shantinath to whom the temple is dedicated.

Best time to Visit

Best season to visit in Chennai is winter season in month from November to February. Winter season has pleasant whether in city. In summers, it has a hot and humid climate. Avoid visiting in month of July to September.

How to Reach

By Air- Chennai is well connected to most of the cities of India. It has both domestic and international airports. Flights are serviced in the city with major airlines.

By Rail- Chennai central, Egmore and Tambara are the three railway stations in Chennai. Chennai is well connected to most major parts of country.

By Road- from highway, city is connected to most of the state. One of Asia’s largest bus stations is in Chennai, the CMBT.

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