Benefits and Importance of Parents and Child Activity

Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.A parent has play very essential role is in a child’s life. They are essential for the child because from their developing stage parents with them. Growing and development of a child are sole responsibility of parents. The child follows to their parents, they do like parents. For a good relationship between a parents or child, communication and interpersonal activities very important. If parents want to interact with children need to take part with activities.

 Common Parent’s Child Activity

  • Parents spend time with child and take part in their activity
  • Carom, cricket, kite flying, making doll cloth, cycling, and so many activity parents would take participation with their child
  • Preparing school models, take part in school competition it is also good activity for parents and child relationship

Benefits of Parent-Child Activity

  1. Child understand you

While you give time to your child with their activity it is very affected to your parenting. Your child will understand you, he understands exact what you are and the importance of parents.

  1. The child gives priority to you.

When a child in developing stage he attaches with that person who give time to him and who is in front him as caring and loving. So many riches person forget behind the earning money, their child needs them and they keep the child with mad. And after become young child give more importance to their caretakers.When you give proper time to your child and interact with him, only you become their first priority and he gives more importance to you rather other.

  1. Increase confidence level

Your participation in child activity increase confidence level in him and he can also interested in taking fully part in own activity. Parental involvement in the activities of children will help them to be confidence enough and smart enough. Your parenting help in physically or mentally development of your children.

  1. Become role model

Child character, behavior, and his discipline depend on his parenting. If he is the good character people talk about good parenting and if bad they said bad parenting. How a child understands his parenting it depends on his or her mind.Some children left their good print on the back of them and audience talk about in the good sense. Then he gives all credits to their parents and they become his role modelIf you also want you should also give the right track to a child from when he or she is a baby and become a role model for your child.

Importance of parents’ child activity

When parents ready to take responsibility for their children, in that duration, they face so many problems some parents give up themselves but some are preparing for it. It is very important for their relationship.It is very important to parents to communicate with the child and take participation with child’s activity, from which they support their child physically or mentally both. Your child also stay activity and these activities make the good atmosphere in the family. Family activity helps to maintain relationship and attachment with each other.Parent’s involvement in child activity helps to spend time and developing essential affection with them.



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