Being more like a child makes you a better entrepreneur |Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a famous personality worldwide and remains quite busy in various schedules of his regular days. But quite interestingly he finds time to watch his favorite character Peter Pan. Everyone is familiar with his love for adventure and playful lifestyle. He has tried to let his inner child to be alive.

According to him if a person try to keep his childlike attitude towards life then this will surely help him in making a more successful and better entrepreneur. Below is the list of advantages of keeping childlike attitude:

Keeps alive the sense of wonder

As we all know that the stage of youth is best stage of our life. This stage allows us to experience the world in all its colours. He persists that we should never ever let the fire of youth slow down in us in any case.

This doesn’t mean at all that you will start doing random stupid things instead this means the quest and thirst to learn something new should always be present inside you. Every children have the curiosity factor hidden in themselves.  Thus learn from this trait of children. Try to view the best part and the positive side of each thing whether it is a person or any situation. This is a very important entrepreneurial trait which can land you in the path of success. Start exploring and questioning everything that interest you.

Reduces the adulthood stress

Being an adult is not at all easy. When you are adult you are responsible for so many things. You have make balance out of your both personal and professional life. Thus this process of maintaining balance at times gives us stress. This stress can reduce your creativity level , can give you mood swings and can also hamper your health. Such negative impact can become a huge hurdle on your path of being a successful entrepreneur. But the good thing is that we can control our stress.

Branson advices to balance between work and play which can help in reducing stress. You can indulge in any of your favorite hobby like dancing, singing, reading , painting . Make time for your personal growth.

Children are always stress free as they don’t have to worry about the jobs or bills they have to pay , they teach us a important lesson of power of imagination. Make a habit of doing the thing that you love the most . Try to find joy and happiness in little things.

No wastage on unfulfilling ventures

According to Branson Entrepreneurship is all about extending your dream project into reality so that you can do more of it and you never get bored of it.

At time it becomes difficult for us to know what really excites us. So we regularly switch on from one job, career and hobbies just to find our real interest. Then the problem comes when we lose patience and lost our power of imagination.

Branson emphasis on the fact that if a thing or say job doesn’t excites you anymore then leave that stuff and should move forward. He gives example of children and says that they never ever waste time on things that doesn’t interests them.

But practically it’s impossible to quit your 9 to 5 job then make sure you make time for things you love in your spare time.

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