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Wondering how to mess up an interview? You’ve come to the right place. While there are so many people and way too many internet sources and books to tell you what to do in an interview, you must also know what not to do. What are the things that could be a possible reason to get rejected? A sharp candidate knows what behavior to avoid.

So here is some bad interview advice for you. Read on to find out what not to do if you want the job.

Arriving late or not showing up

Some of the saddest interview stories have been heard from people who completely messed up. While some got the date or time wrong and totally missed the interview, others got caught in traffic and arrived way too late. You must avoid being one of those people. Take the time to confirm your interview in advance. Give yourself some extra time to get there. It is far better to be early enough to grab a cup of coffee or make a trip to the restroom to freshen up and calm your nerves than it is to stress about whether you are going to make it to the interview in time.

Looking untidy or too casual.

Even though casual attire is the norm at many workplaces, but that does not mean you should show up looking untidy. Being overdressed is not a good idea either. If you’re unsure of what to wear, ask the person who arranged the interview. Dress as per the type of job, company and industry you’re being considered for.

Checking your phone.

You must make sure that your phone is switched off and out of sight. An interviewer does not want to know that you’ve got a message or a text. What’s worse, and a definite interview breaker is saying that you need to take a call. Never do that!

Not doing your homework about the company, profile etc.

You must never, ever go to a job interview without knowing about the position, employer, or industry. It is pretty certain that you’ll be asked what you think about the job or what you know about the company. Also, this one is easily avoidable. Take enough time to do your homework. Use your resources wisely- You can Google the company, check out its social media sites, look it up on LinkedIn and Glass door, and ask your acquaintances about it if you know anyone who works there. Go through the job posting and take the time to match your qualifications to the job. This will come in handy when you have to answer why you’re a good fit with the interviewer.

Not speaking the truth.

If you did not do something, do not say that you did. Because truth matters. It really does. You have no clue how thoroughly the employer is going to check your background. Even a slight exaggeration on your resume or in a job interview can end up costing you a job offer.

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