I am I’m
You are  You’re
He is He’s
She is  She’s
We are  We’re
It is It’s
Is not Isn’t
Are not Aren’t
They are They’re
There is There’s
Was not Wasn’t
Were not Weren’t

Shorted Forms of the Verb ‘HAVE/HAS/HAD’

I have I’ve
You have You’ve
He has He’s
She has She’s
It has It’s
We have We’ve
They have They’ve
Has not Hasn’t
Have not Haven’t
I had I’d
You had You’d
He had He’d
She had She’d
It had It’d

Shorted Forms of Verb ‘Do/DOES/DID’

Does not Doesn’t
Do not Don’t
Did not Didn’t

Shorted forms of Modal Auxiliary Verb ‘Will’

I will I’ll
You will You’ll
He will He’ll
She will She’ll
We will We’ll
They will They’ll
There will There’ll

Shorted Forms of Modal Auxiliary Verb ’Would’

I would I’d
You would You’d
He would He’d
She would She’d
It would It’d
We would We’d
They would They’d
There would There’d
There had There’d

Shorted forms of modal verbs

Cannot Can’t
Could not Couldn’t
Dare not Daren’t
Had not Hadn’t
Might not Mightn’t
Must not Mustn’t
Need not Needn’t
Ought not Oughtn’t
Shall not Shan’t
Should not Shouldn’t
Used not Usen’t
Will not Won’t
Would not Wouldn’t


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