9 Tricks to see Your Family as a Happy Family

 Family or home is not only place where we take rest after work or for sleep only and not for spend time  when you free from your work, Families is the places where kids and elders live with feeling of love, care, support, concern and most important security with family member. In a family everyone feel secured and comfort which we not be feel outside. As we know there is so many types of family like joint family, nuclear family, one parent family etc. but here we no explain the all types of family, yet we discuss about how a family making a happy family. Because a happy family is the best place where we live with our own wish and we can spend our all time. But necessary is this how we make our family to a happy family

Here some tips to make happy family

Stay together

If you live in happy family first you must be live together with family member, because a good family become from member of family if you live alone it not a family. So for a happy family stay together.Communication is the way to connection with each other, when you regular communicate to each other it may be help for so many things like you can share thing easily there is no hesitation to sharing.

Mutual understanding

Today’s time we listen that so many family wants to live in nuclear family or single because they are not agree with other thoughts but this is define that your family is not happy. For happy family, mutual understanding is very must in each other. When in family mutual understanding is exist, where no problems create and if create all take right and agree for other decision for overcome from that problem. From mutual understanding we can easily solve any problems and it help to show a happy family to others.

Appreciate to each other

In family you should appreciate to each other on their right and good work. When you appreciate to each other it may be good for your family and give chance to create more care and love for each other.

Always available

For a happy family should always be ready and available to all time. In a family there so many situation come out, whether it is good or bad situation, you should always stand for your family you always available for them when they need you or your help. Your availability defines your caring, support, responsibility towards your family.

Accept the decision

Sometime we need help or suggestion for our work and for future. We discuss thing family and take their suggestion on that time we should accept their suggestion and their decision for your future.

Celebrate all things together

When you live in happy family, you should celebrate all festival, function with together  because it give more happiness and joy of celebration You enjoy more than other who celebrate alone. Celebration of thing with family is great opportunity to interconnect with your family member and live happily.

Fun and outing together

We are always busy in our work and we cannot give time to our family and then our family learns to live without us. But it is not good for a happy family, you stay busy in your work but on weekend you should give time to your family, on that time don’t enter your work between your families. On weekend you go for outing and fun with family together and give time to your family.


No one is same, everyone have different ability or quality. But it doesn’t matter, for happy family you shouldn’t start partiality between each other. In joint family mom’s are always partiality between her child and her elder or younger’s brother children but it is bad. You should give equality to each one and see equal. But I’m happy because my mom not partiality between us that’s why she make our family as happy family.

Families create our society but if your family is happy family, it can be create a good society where we can survive very easily. And a happy family becomes a good example of good society. It also helps to live very comfortable and secure with family

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