8 Motivational Tricks to Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food.

 Is your fondness towards junk food keeping you away from achieving those body goals? Do you end up giving into your cravings and have guilt creep up later? Don’t you worry! Read on to find some clever ways to beat those cravings.

How to train your brain to hate junk food?

1. Understand your cravings.

Yes, this is of utmost importance as sometimes we don’t realize what we crave and seem to feel that the food we are eating is harmless. Take a note of what you eat throughout the day. There are a variety of mobile apps available for the same. Once you take note, you will find your guilty patterns and that’s half the job done.

2. Preparing a healthy grocery list.

You must carefully prepare the grocery list and make sure that you stick to it. No impulsive buying fellas! Put lots of greens, fruits and healthy snacks on your list and enjoy the process of buying healthy foods that will nourish your body.

3. Color scheming.

Have you noticed how hot colors like red and orange spark your hunger? While colors like green and blue make you feel fuller in less time? Junk food eateries manipulate your brain by using hot colors on their premises or even by their cutlery. Make sure you stay away from these colors and instead use more of cool colors.

4. Enlighten yourself about the dangers of junk food.

You need to watch the hundreds of videos and read multiple articles that expose the reality of junk food and the dangers associated with their consumption. Once your brain is afraid of the consequences, you will automatically be motivated to eat healthier.

5. Set realistic standards.

If you tell yourself that you are going to give up all junk food at this very moment, chances are that your brain will not take you seriously since it knows that this is not possible. Instead, start slow and proceed gradually. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Right?

6. Keep the healthy food close by.

Why is junk food so easy to gulp down? It is made to be that way. The packet of potato chips is easy to rip off and be emptied. While it takes time and effort to slice up the fruits and veggies for your Caesar salad. But you need to make that effort beforehand and keep the salad ready so that when you’re famished, you can simply take it out of the fridge and eat it.

7. Chew more.

Chewing more slows down the eating, needs more effort, and makes you feel fuller quicker. So when you are on your cheat day and munching on the snacks, chew slower and your brain will be tricked into eating lesser.

8. Read the ingredients.

Reading the ingredient list will put the focus on the number of calories being consumed and make your mind aware of fattening and unhealthy foods. Also, you can help your brain to stay completely off processed foods this way and save yourself a lot of trouble.

All the best for being healthy and achieving the body goals!

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