Common Parenting Mistake to be Avoiding

Every parent wants to make a best possible relationship with their child, because a parent’s child relation is very pure relation in the world. There is no terms and condition between them. But sometime parents lost their relationship because of some mistakes.They forget of a parent’s child relation. They often make mistake, ignorant the way of dealing with child. Some time they make mistake because either there come personal life between them or professional life.

We look some common mistakes of parents and ways to avoid them.

Getting angry & shouting:

it’s a very common mistake of parents. They always shout and become angry on their child on any reason. They merge their work time with family time and in frustration they forget they hurt their child. When a child sees their parents in anger they start fearing with them. And stay away with parent. If you want to maintain your good relation if should know the reason of you anger and don’t shouting always.

Forcing/ praising:

some parents want only fame in their society. They want their child also become well like other children and forcing them to do work like others. They start forcing children or praising them for work. It is not bad but it’s also not good. You want your child become a successful but don’t try to forcing them for everything. If your relation is good your child already understands what you want from him.

Ignore children’s feeling:

every parent wants to fulfill their child needs, want or wish. But some time it might be possible, and you ignore the feelings of a child. Then child mindset his parents do nothing for him. But on that time, you should need to understand your child. Share reason why you not fulfill his wants very politely.


when a child done any mistake he need to punishment for improvement. But if you punish them in every small mistake, children also become naughty and they not fear from you. Children thought will become set like their parents always punish whether they do wrong activity or right activity. They forget your respect, and try to do whatever they want.


no one wants their child go in wrong track, every parents want to see their child on top. And some time they start interfering between them. It is good to look eyes in your child what they do and what they will do but don’t try to interfere between them because you don’t want your child do wrong activity. But too much interfiling irritate s your child. So stop your child when he does misbehavior or wrong things not always interfere his matter.

Over- loving and caring:

parents love and care their children but it too harmful for you if this love and caring is too much or beyond the limits. Because everything is good at the limit but when it beyond the limits it become harmful for us. So love and caring is good but don’t over otherwise children forget that you are their parents they treat you like toy. You do according to them.

Too much expectation:

different person different quality to do work, but sometime parents forget that and they keep too much expectation. They thought their child stand up on their all expectation but you should know that no one can do everything it’s depending on their capability or ability. Don’t push your child to complete you all expectations.

Too much stickiness/hyper:

so many person are stick from their nature, they become hyper very quick and in very small thing. But some time is give bad impact on their children. Children are very soft heart, they understand sweet and polite voice, if you always live in sticky and become hyper it prove your mistake and it may be become the reason of bad relationship between parents and children.Caring to child, loving to child expectation all are good but some time parents also need to understand their children’s feeling. And show interest in your child because your interest and good behavior become a reason of their good sleep.

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