8 Budget Destinations in India to Welcome New Year 2017 in Style

Wow….! We came on the corner of New Year. Many New Year customs that we take for granted actually date from ancient times. This year, ring out the old and ring in the new with a New Year traditional or two! And for this year everyone is the place to the celebration of New Year with lots of joy and parties.But why you bound your wish, just welcome to New Year with heart and lots of enjoyment. We recommend you to travel and explore the world instead and if you think about expense or out of the budget, don’t worry! For you, we have sorted some super cool budget place which will live up to your dreams.


  1. Manali- the abode of god

Manali is the best place to the celebration of the eve of New Year 2017, a trip to Manali is incomplete without visiting its tourist attraction, viz. Tibetan monastery, Van Vihar, Vashisht temple, etc. and a crazy night with the hills in the backdrop is sure to intoxicate your sense. Manali is famous for valley or mountain in Himachal Pradesh near the Northen end of the Kullu valley. This place is best for celebrating your new year.

Land package: INR 4,500- INR 5,000 per person (approx)

  1. Bhimtal- the lake destination

The fabulous view of the lake and a candlelight dinner on the shore makes a visit to bhimtal perfect for the celebration of the New Year 2017. Situated on the embankment of the bhimtal lake, Bhimashwar Mahadev temples is an ancient temple and at the height of 6407ft. Hanuman Garhi is dedicated to lord hanuman offers an incredible sight of sunset over the Himalayas. We suggest you stay alerted for you may come across hidden stories or secrets that localities have kept to them.

Land package: INR 2,000-INR 4, 000 per person (approx)

  1. Lakshadweep- the prince of coral reefs

A captivating tourist spot, it offers great weather, picturesque palm trees, exotic coral reefs and many gifts of nature. Here, tourists can enjoy the adventure of swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving as well. Deep sea diving, exploring coral reefs, kayaking, and yacht sailing are perfect activities for a New Year trip and to enjoy New Year’s Eve 2017 on a budget.

Land package: INR 6,000- INR 8,000 per person (approx)

  1. Pondicherry- the Riviera of the east

From biking on the beaches to carousing on the rooftop cafes, the range of things to do in Pondicherry make it a fantasy land. The Riviera of the east has French colonial style building and refinement separated from the boomtown India. And don’t fret over the expensed. The erstwhile French capital is one of the budget places to visit in the New Year in India and provides enough fodder for a wonderful New Year party 2017.

Land Package: INR 3,000- INR 5,000 per person (approx)

  1. Gokarna – the rave nation

With its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town and a newly found hub for beach lovers and hippies. We suggested you head for the electrifying parties on the unspoiled beaches of Gokarna for a secluded beach holiday. Visit any beach shack, lay down on the hammocks to enjoy the sun with a beer, hit the kindle beach with your gang, or spend afternoons with dolphins in the water.

Land package: INR 2,000- INR 4,000 per person (approx)

  1. Tarkarli

For the celebrations of the New Year 2017, go nest under one of the thatched roof gazebos, pick up some delectable cashew bars from tar Karli, and hog on the scrumptious seafood. The golden rocks and the blue-green wares are sure to add to the dreamy feeling of a wondrous new year’s eve 2017 at tar Karli.  You can enjoy the pristine view.

Land Package:  INR 5,000- INR 7,000 per person (approx)

  1. Diu- the fishing town

Diu is different. This tiny island linked by a bridge to Gujarat’s southern coast is infused with Portuguese history; its major architectural landmarks include three churches and a sea fort. Get ready for paragliding, surfing, diving, parasailing, and windsurfing in one of the budget destinations in India to party on New Year eve 2017. Diu offers you all the adventures you can think of at absolutely affordable prices!

Land Package: INR 3,000- INR 5,000 per person (approx)

  1. Kodaikanal- the Switzerland of the east

Imagine cycling, horse riding, boating in the clear waters of the Kodai Lake, and trekking to the hills this near year. Yes, you can avail all of this and that took on a really low budget! Start your new year 2017 with some special homemade chocolates, plums, and pears.

Land Package: INR 4,000- INR 5,000 per person (approx)



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